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  • bored

    Hi y'all...
    I'm bored out of my mind... I'm sick with a cold today, and couldn't attend my class. I'm working on a paper due monday; I've been working on it outside while my cat was playing around in my backyard and it was fun to watch him, but now he's tired and wanted to come back inside. And I'm tired of working on this paper, but don't really have a choice. My bf's at his office and calls me from time to time, but I'm still bored in between his calls... I even called my mom at work to chat a while. Don't know what else to do, so I stopped by to share my boredom with you guys, hope you don't mind !
    Hey, I just remembered there's hockey tonight !! Allright ! I hope Edmonton wins, although I'm pretty sure it'll be the Hurricanes (did I spell that right ? I'm too lazy right now to check...).
    K, better go now.

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    Hope you won't be bored tonight!


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      Hi Jess,

      Summer colds are such a drag - hope you feel better soon - maybe your bf can make you some chicken noodle soup?

      What's that paper on? If you don't want to talk about because it will make you sicker, I understand (been there, done that).

      GO OILERS!



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        yeay ! Oilers won !
        Not bored anymore... need to rush to finish this paper...
        Karin: it's a paper on contemporary french litterature, it doesn't make me sicker
        Anyways, I rested myself well today, I'm not sick anymore !!


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          YEAH OILERS!
          Jessica, I'm not bored either!
          Sounds like an intense paper.
          Good luck.


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            Wait to go, Edmonton!

            Nothing like hockey in June...

            Sounds like a fascinating paper. Do you study french Canadian literature, or literature from Europe...elsewhere?

            It's been a long time since I've read anything I would describe as french literature. We read Les Diaboliques and Les Mains Sales in high school - oh yes, and being Manitoban, we read plenty o' Gabrielle Roy. I read La Peste in university.

            I always intend to read something great in French but never get around to it. Any recommendations?

            Good luck! You always work so hard...



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              This class is about french canadian literature, but in my paper I included also literature from all over the world, like France, Italy & Colombia.
              Oh my God, I read Les Diaboliques also... well... I read like three or four stories, couldn't get any further, and it's very rare that I don't finish a book. I hated it !! Did you like it ??
              Gabrielle Roy is ok, not my personal favorite. Camus is a classic, try l'√Čtranger (or The Stranger) if you liked La Peste.
              As for some other recommendations, try reading some Hubert Aquin (Quebec)(L'Antiphonaire and Neige Noire are amazing, if you can find them), he's my favorite author. You could read also L'Amant of Marguerite Duras (France).
              Anyways, there's a lot of very good books out there, french or not. If you need any other suggestions, let me know ! I'll be happy to help you !


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                Thank you so much for the recommendations! I will definitely look into Aquin!

                Les Diaboliques...did I like it?...honestly, I can't really remember but I have a feeling my teacher was a lot more enthusiastic about it than me. We did get to watch a film version, which was always a good thing at school!

                As for Gabrielle Roy - not to sound "unpatriotic" - but I could take or leave her books, frankly. I did enjoy La Peste and other work by Camus (that I read in English), so I think I wiill try L'Etranger.

                thanks again! Good luck with that paper!