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DANG!! She's only 6 months old and

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  • DANG!! She's only 6 months old and

    They are already talking about me being a ...ummm...what's the word I'm looking for here?...Anyway, a mom who keeps Emmy home with me for the rest of my life...SELFISH! That's the word!!!! Gee, they are talking about me letting her go and I just got her! No, they didn't call me selfish they just said they don't want me to be when Em grows up and wants to try things on her own, like working and living in a home with other folks like her,,,sheesh, she's just a baby, can't I keep her one for a little while!?!? LOL
    If my baby wants to work and *sigh* live "On her Own" She can...but dang it all, she's gonna go to College first!!!

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    LOL...Too funny, people sure want kids to grow up fast these days...Start her in preschool first and then we will talk college...hehehehehe
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      Wizard, says they, who everything has the certain time, swims can in advance be, why of the made a mistake one, the life teaches in them thus,

      Emily and very baby still! ok needs its affection



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        My goodness, what are they thinking. Let her be a baby and little girl first! LOL


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          Whiz you are too funny and the perfect mum for emily.xoShe is so smart now and so beautiful.
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            Whiz, no one, and I mean no one, is more qualified to raised your child than you. What she needs the most is love. I have many friends with handicaps children, and those kids are totally happy and thriving, because the parents have a hands on approach to their lives.

            Don't listen to the "experts". In another 10 years, they will come out with a whole new set of "The right way to do raise your child". Look what happened with that idiot Dr. Spoc". Don't discipline your children, don't spank them, let them express themselves!

            Now, WE are having to deal with a generation of spoiled, ungrateful, unmannered, undiscipline juvenile delinquents.

            So there. I said my peace. Don't mess with my little niece!!!!!!!!!


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              OMG! Does ANYONE listen to Dr. Spock anymore?!?!?! And Granny I TOTALLY agree with the way our society has turned out...First they take God out of our schools and then our Government and because THAT wasn't enough they took our rights as parents to discipline our children! What's next? Parents are gonna start going to jail because their kids misbehave in school or on the streets? We are damned if we do and damned if we don't. Ok don't get me started lol

              My Bud's 'R' Marion, Verleen and Jormanoy
              Love is not blind. It sees more not less and because it sees more, it's willing to see less.


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                Nothing surprises me anymore...the world's gone potty! Would you believe they are stopping Christmas decorations in towns for Health and Safety reasons. They can only put them up if they use a hydraulic platform. As for not beong allowed to be a parent that's just plain ridiculous!
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                  Wiz don't you listen to a single one of them!!! You do what is right in your heart. If that means keeping Emmy home for life than so be it. She will learn and thrive much faster at home where people love and care for her most. Not by experts with their so called text books for what works and doesn't work. Bull [email protected]!! Do it your way!

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                    Just listen to your heart and pray for God's guidance. Noone can take away those two things from you.

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