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My Big Day Is Set!!!

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    That is wonderful news Michelle! I am so glad that John and I had a small wedding. I feel our wedding was so special and personal.

    WARNING: You may find yourself so busy, after getting married that your pals on SBM will think you got lost...... I KNOW!!!!! I do love being married and John is such a doll. I am finding us taking more pics than I will ever get scrapped. Last night we went to see Reba McEntire in concert. Oh we got some fabulous pics!

    OH congrats again!


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      Awwwwww you guys are great....I don't think most of you realize what you all do to my heart...I don't have much of a life outside this house...I have gained great friendship here, and I think I cried more reading all these comments then I did when he proposed...<wink> You all mean the world to me...
      Wiz...You are too would have a cab pick you up... and Doll, I know you will come, weather permitting...Just pack jammies incase you have to sleep over...<wink> and anyone else is welcome to come...We have a big enough house, as long as you don't mind my big dog drooling all over you...hehehehe...He loves to sleep next to someone...Thanks again everyone...I feel lucky and blessed to finally find someone who will put up with me... xo
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        What great news girl...Im so happy for you...I wish a lifetime of happiness for you and hope you and the boys will have a wonderful new life...sure wish I could come to the wedding..but I will be thinking of you
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          Michelle this is great news. It sure would be wonderful if even one of us could get there. But you know that you will be on our minds that day and in our hearts. We will look forward to the pictures and once again congratulations to you and the boys .....he is one lucky fellow..........Smile.....Lois
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            Now that I've tried up all the tears I cried after reading everyone's heartfelt wishes.... I too am soooooooo happy that you've found your soulmate & that life will take on a new meaning for you all ~
            YOU DESERVE IT.....


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              I'm so happy for you, wish I could help you with the wedding,...... !!

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                Congrat! no wonder you've been so quiet... ( if that's even possible!)
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                  so happy for you.
                  wishing you the most perfect day!!!



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                    SO so funny Mr. Steve....hehehehehe
                    Actually I want to thank everyone for the sweet thoughts and blessings...I truly wish you could all be there as well...
                    As far as my silence is concerned...(Steve)..<wink> I have been sick and can't shake this bug away...One minute I feel fine then it comes back...So please bear with me...I am trying to keep up in here and everywhere else...But energy level is low...Thanks again...Stay sweet all of you...xoxo
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                      You get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. you do not want your body to run down.
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                        Fantastic news .... Huge congrats
                        Sue xx

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                        Relax, take it easy and enjoy.


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                          Congrats, I am so happy for you. Would love to pop in and share your day as you are such a sweet and wonderful person. Hope he knows how lucky he is to share his life with you.

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                            You can don't live too far away..A little over 3 hours or so...hehehe...We are not having a big thing...But the party will thanks everyone for the sweet words...I am feeling better now thank you... I am excited as well...<wink>
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                              Better late than never! Super super congrats to the sweetest Lady! I am so happy for you! Wishing you all the best.

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