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  • hey Jazz

    omg, I got on tonight and noticed all these posts by Jazz.....YAY,, I hope this means you are getting better....we have really missed you around here....Welcome back!!!!!!!

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    Yes Jazz you are well luved by all.I missed yah.
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      Yes, I saw posts on my layouts from you. Thanks so much. Just seeing your name there made my day.


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        Hello everyone and thanks..I am feeling better but still not completely myself..somedays I feel pretty good..some days I have a hard time breathing, I have a lot of nausa and no food taste right to me...some days I wake up..get out of bed and go lay on the couch all day long and sleep..and I still get scared just thinking about how it felt being on the cpap machine so long..and that picture of me on the vent is burned into my mind and I think I remember shadows of things that must have been when I was on the vent and started waking up..and I remember the horrible nightmares I had..seems like Ive lost all my creativity..the few pages Ive made havent looked right to me...sometimes I get on and read and dont have the energy to log on and join in..the therapist that has been coming to the house says it takes so many days per day that you were in the hospital to get over it so I guess I have some more days to go..Im waiting on the day when I wake up and feel and act normal the mean time please keep praying for me and dont forget me...I love all of you and know without all of your prayers I probably wouldnt be here today...
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          Oh Jazz you will get better.It all takes time.Do not let that sadness take over.Their is light at the end of the tunnel.Prayers are stuck to you like a good roll of duct tape.Hope to see that smile on your face. Luv yah xo
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            Jazz... we will NEVER forget you!!! Your body just needs the rest, thats all... give it some time and you'll start feeling better!!! There is no way you lost that creativity in you, its just hiding and it will come back too. Take all the time ya need, we will always be here when you are feeling better, dont push yourself and if ya dont feel like talking... dont! We know you are with us all the time. love ya Jazz xoxoxo

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              Take it easy Jazz! We don't want you relapsing again. The creativity or whatever you call it will come back. If it doesn't... hunt it down and kill it!

              We love ya. Besides, I'm looking forward to kicking your behind at the bowling alley!


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                Jazz it's good to hear from you, but please do take it slow. It will all come back, just give it time. You will never lose your creativity. You just have a short lapse going on right now. I am continuing to pray for you daily.

                CROPS love your new avatar.

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                  Hi, Jazz

                  Jazz, I was with this problem also! I took much remedy, today I feel myself better, but it knows, optimum same remedy, and to make scraps, the colors are exellentes remedies, it to this said medicate me, start to work with glad colors, go to feel themselves well better, okay
                  this always in my thoughts and my conjuncts!
                  in them we love you very!

                  one I hug ´press, with affection


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                    Hi Jazz... nice to see you back. Glad you feeling a little better!
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                      Jazz, prayers are still coming your way so that you become your old self again. Don't try to rush it, we surely don't want any set backs. Just sit back and enjoy life.

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                        Jazzie, you are still in our prayers here at home...I worry everyday about you and your recovery...Everything takes time...and eventually you will be back to your normal self...I have enjoyed your LO's too, I think your creativity is still there...<wink> I love you, get well soon and please rest...xo
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                          Jazz, it has been so good to see you on here, but maybe you are just pushing too hard and expecting too much of yourself. Your body needs time to recover. You went through a lot. We want you to get healthy, so please don't push so hard, and please don't start feeling down because you can't do as much as you want to do. You will be able to in time.

                          Sorry, don't mean to preach, just want you to get better!


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                            Take care Jazz, slowly does it. After all the love and care you have shown to others it's pay back time x
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