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  • Whew

    I made it girls.I got my first pension cheque.I was so scared they would get things messed up.For awhile we were living on just pure love and protection from above.Now what would be nice if they would hurry up and pass his disability.He will only be on it a short time as soon as they get him in to fix his knee.He had to wait 3 months so far just to see someone.But it would be nice for him to get some money.I also got 1/2 year salary but I got smart and put it in a riff so that I can get $400 a month and that will last 4 years so that willadd tomy pension.Do you know I myself almost screwd up getting a pension for Oct. Not thinking I was supposed to be retired on Oct.1 and had ask for a vacation day.Just by doing that I would have lost out for this month but payroll caught it in time.Sometimes when things go wrong they go wrong.But I do feel better now that I finally know it is coming. Next one is due next week Nov1. Strange I started my job Nov.1 years ago and bought my first car on Nov.1 years ago.Weird but then again so am I. Luv to you all.xo
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    WOW...... Eye that is wonderful! I wish I could retire! Nursing is so demanding but it is fulfilling. Enjoy your retirement!

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      EYE, what wonderful news..Congrats...Are you still working part time? and how wierd with the NOV.1st are not wierd, just unique...<wink>
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        Oh I'm so happy you got it. Its so nice to have a little money coming in. i got my social security last year and love the insurance we had not had any for sometimes. its a nice thing to get.don't get much ss but the insurance makes a huge differences.

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          glad things are looking up

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            "The Lord giveth.... The government taketh away"

            Congrats, Eye!


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              Originally posted by Granny View Post
              "The Lord giveth.... The government taketh away"

              Congrats, Eye!


              glad it's working out eye
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                Finally some good news! Happy to hear everything is starting to look better for ya!!

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                  I am Sooo happy for you, I know I was worried too that something would go wrong and for some reason it would go through. So I know that feeling of relief well. A big Congrats to you!


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                    So happy for you Eye! I know how stressing that can be not knowing when your pay will start. I pray that your honey's disaility starts to come in soon too. You are going to be just fine, and retirement looks more and more sooo worth it!!!

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                      Happy to hear tthings are looking up for you, now maybe you can sit back and enjoy that retirement. Just remember, once you retire, you don't have time for anything. It's amazing how much you can get done when you work.

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