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    I sent an email to our friend Terry the other day and this is the reply I got from him...we really need to be praying for him as it seems he is much worse and very depressed..
    will not make this a long E-mail but wanted to contact you and let you know that I may not be in contact anymore. The bone disease is worsening and my cancer is coming back - they don't have any more treatment left to offer me so I guess things will just run their course. I think that will be a couple of years at least but I must be honest, I am finding it a psychological battle as well. I will be moving in with my 36 year old foster son in the next couple of weeks and although I am still getting around I have lost interest in most things - maybe I'll get over it but just at the moment I have no interest in anything really - although I'm not dead yet I'm feeling very depressed by the news as you can imagine - I am seeing the pain clinic team and they have arranged for me to have some time with their clinical psychologist to help swallow the news that there is no more treatment for the cancer and they can't do anything more for the pain than more drugs (he is helping me get out of the self-pity thing that happened, at least now I can admit it caused me to go into self-pity and I didn't realise I had or, what that does to you). Besides the morphine I now have a drug that blocks the nerve pathways in the brain - it's a drug used for epilepsy.

    I want you to know how much I have appreciated your friendship and support. Please pray that God will keep my spirits up mentally as that has taken a massive beating. Please take it easy as you recover and try not to rush things - your body knows how much it can do - please don't push yourself as they tell me that it is better to step forward a little bit every single day rather than forward a big step and then backwards the next day - constantly forward even if it's only an inch at a time.

    It really depressed me to hear all this...I wanted to share it because he needs us right now and our prayers...I sent a reply but havent heard back from him..dont know if I will but I will be praying for him and I know you will..he was with us a short time but he seems to have made an impact in some way on all of us...he even mentioned Andrew in his email..he is still thinking of him..
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    What terrible news. Now i dont know Terry like some of you do, but i sure will be praying for him. pray that his pain will be less, and that he will find a way to leave the depression ( wich must be so hard, when you get news like this) hoping he will find peace of mind and live his life to the fullest. Must be hard not knowing how long it will be, and knowing that there is no more treatment.
    my heart goes out to him and his family.
    take care Terry and i will light a candle for you and keep you in my prayers.


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      thanks for posting this Jazz, I have sent several emails to Terry without reply, I knew things were looking bad for him as the email replies just stopped suddenly. I will continue to pray for him, I have tears in my eye's reading this as he helped me through a difficult time and made me laugh, wish I could do the same for him

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        Terry may not reply but keep writting. He really needs our mail to show he has support and friendship. When he is ready he will write.
        I have heard from him but he ask me not to post it so I kept his privacy.But he needs us so please write as often as you can.Prayers are always at you Terry.
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          I sent a short email a few weeks back too and didn't hear back. Now I know why. This is so sad.

          Still thinking about you Terry!


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            I had received a similar email from Terry a week or so ago. I felt so bad for him and I wasn't quite sure if I should post it here. But, Jazz I am happy that you did. Now we all know what a terrible time he is going through. I wrote back and told him that I hope he didn't mind, but I was going to continue to write him-and that he didn't need to reply if he wasn't up to it. Hopefully one day he will feel like writing back. But I will continue to communicate with him no matter what at this point.

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              Jazzie, thanks for posting this news...We will keep him in our prayers here at home as well...This post put tears to my eyes...Since I watched my uncle pass away from cancer not too long ago...It is a terrible disease no matter what kind it is...I hope he doesn't have to suffer...God Bless you Terry...
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                Ohhh myyyy, how sad! He really touched everyone in here, such a sweet man, I only wish he didnt have to suffer. Thanks for letting everyone know Jazz! My prayers havent stopped for him, nor will they ever.

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                  Thanks Jazz for the update. Pease tell him that we are all praying for him and not to worry about communicating. x
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                    Thanks jazz for letting us know about Terry, please send my regard and my prayers !!
                    I know that Terry lives in Mandurah, that's less than an hour drive from Perth where I live. If you can get his address in Mandurah, probably I can go and visit him (if he doesn't mind)or at least send him flowers from all of us.

                    One more thing, probably meditation will be good for him, Fr Justin Belitz OFM ( he is a Fransiscan friar from Indianapolis USA), who is in Perth at the moment giving talks, has fantastic Healing meditation tapes for cancer patients. If Terry likes to try it, I can oder the tape and send it to him.

                    Just let me know if you need any help !!

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                      So sweet and kind of you Omajo!


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                        I immensely feel the lack of it in this place, and a magnificent person, adorable, and always have pretty words stop saying in them,
                        if somebody possesss the email of it sends please me, I go to write something for it, and am always praying for its improvement, and very young still!

                        thanks Jazz, you and a candy of girl!



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                          Thank you, Jazz, for posting this. We are all hoping that Terry will be able to spend some happy time again.