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    Hi everyone, remember, I mentioned that I walked through a haunted house and took some photos? You might have seen some of the LO's I've done so far...Well my cousin Amanda works in it as a volunteer...Anyways, a lady went through the other night and recorded some areas in it...and she captured my cousin...and they put it on the web...The video is 2 minutes, and trust me, its not scary...But if you want to watch it, go here... There is a 10 second commercial first, and then it starts...She is about the third clip or so..She is the one laying down that screams towards the beginning of the video...Thought you might want to get a look at what we do here in Sheboygan...
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    Loved it Michelle. I don't think I would have recognized your sister if you hadn't said which one she was!


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      That was so neat. I myself am so scared of Halloween but I have good reasons for it. I get so nervous if a adult is dressed up.So I would not be very good at it.
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        Very good i enjoyed it
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          won't work for me for some reason ....grrrrrr
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            I love halloween

            I would love to walk through it or like your cousin work in there......Lots of fun......xoxox...thanks
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              bet my gk would love that. thanks for shearing

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                I knew there was a reason I dont like haunted houses...the clip was good and I bet it was really scary going thur in the dark...thanks for sending us the link..
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