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    Originally posted by eye View Post
    My tree was ugly.Though very beautiful but the pictures were horrid so I opt out of doing my layout.Happy New Year
    My tree wasn't very pretty either cause my optic lights went out and we were unable to fix it! The funny part was that we didn't have ONE good pic, I pieced several pics together (crop, cut and paste), which allowed me to create One descent Don't you just love this digital stuff??? Now, after the first of the year, I plan to learn how to EXTRACT subjects and change the backgrounds!

    I already completed and ordered our Shutterfly 8x8 memory book of our first Christmas.

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      beautiful Onie
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        Girls she is full of boloni. Her tree and decorations were beautiful. I should have taken a picture of it and put it on here. Its the fun and love we put into the tree that is the real beauty. Most of our ornaments tell's us a story or brings back a wonderful meaning. Like for me this year, one memory will be of a certain" flying saucer" and lots of crazy, wonderful friends giving me advice in standing my tree don't forget to hug your tree before you put it away until next year. ........Smile....xoxo


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          I have to say smile..i wasnt even a member when your tree was having trouble standing up but a friend shared your story with me and let me tell you..I have never had such a wonderful time reading and laughing in my life..thank goodness I was given this scrapbooking program as a gift..It has been the gift that keeps on giving..not only with doing layouts but with meeting and getting new friend...I look forward to see all you trees pretty or not.. and getting to know all of you better..happy new years to you all..smiles to you all ..Kristie


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            Thank you : Womanw:

            Glad you could join us and you will be supprised at what you can create and I look forward to your layouts. Don't worry there are alot of smart people to help you on here. I am not one of them (lol) But I will teach you to miss spell words and to act silly.........Happy New Year to you and your family.....................xoxo..........Smile


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              Sorry for the delay girls, i dont have time to do a lo, this christmas tree is of my mom's house in Lima Peru of 2007 i dont find mine of last year buuuu , guess that pictures are in the external disk
              The star of the top was in the table under all the gifts we found it in the christmas morning, stefania did it! )
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                Wow, these are all great....Thanks for submitting them...How different we can all be and how pretty they ALL are...
                I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!