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    I am a truly impulsive shopper! When I was pregnant with Emily, I somehow KNEW her life was going to be special (Mothers gut feeling) So, one night I got online, bought a new digital camera and then hunted for a program that would be easy to use to scrap her life in pictures. I found SBM bought it, THEN downloaded the trial (cuz I didn't want to wait for the CD!) I was hooked in less than 5 minutes! The rest , as they say, is history.

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      Me Too Eng!!!!

      I had the Same experience as ENG!

      I was a consultant with CM too and your right, you have to buy a crazy amount all the time. I remember spending more than $1500 at a time for more inventory. I was CM Broke! Then I discovered that I did not like plain white paper that you had to do pages on both sides. I found myself with pages and unable to put pages in between. You have to work in conological order. I like the idea of having pages that are able to be moved around at anytime.

      Oh I love SBM!

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        In November of 2000 I was in a serious auto accident and was pretty motionless for 6 weeks. I started watching QVC (that was an addiction!) and they sold lots of scrapbooking supplies and tools. I thought - wow! what a great hobby and something to do with all our pictures!! Over the next few years I don't even want to think what I spent on kits, albums, paper, punches, stamps, tools, etc. It was awful. Each page could take up to 2 hours to complete and they were lumpy!! I also bought scrapbooking magazines galore. One magazine (Scrapbook Answers - now out of business) had CDs full of goodies and one of those CDs had Scrapbook Max! as a trial version. I was hesitant to try it because I had already bought several digital programs and they were just okay.

        Then I downloaded Scrapbook Max! in either April or May of 2006 and was totally hooked! I had never belonged to a forum, never uploaded anything to the internet, didn't know a .jpeg from a .png, didn't know the difference between a project and a published file, had never heard of an avatar, didn't know the difference between the files in the program and the files in My Documents, and on and on. Each day was a new learning experience as kind people answered every question and gave freebies generously.

        Gosh, I didn't think I'd type such a long post - but Scrapbook Max! opened up a whole new life and passion for me. It's so much fun when new people suddenly discover it and begin digital scrapbooking and then we can remember how excited we were!

        When we moved I gave away so much scrapbooking stuff - I still have loads. Anyone out there want to buy a bunch of stamps, punches, kits, etc.? I have some that are very cheap!!! LOL No more glue for me!!

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          I must have gotten started very close to the beginning. First part of february 2006. I too was a paper scrapper. I have an entire room downstairs set up, with lots of money tied up in it. (Grandkids are having lots of fun with he stuff) I tried several different computer scrapbook programs and didn't care for any of them. I can't remember how I found SBM, but at first I was hesitant to try it and then I thought "Oh what the heck, if nothing else I can use all the clipart and the price is reasonable". But once I learned how easy it was and then when I found the forum with loads of free stuff, and nice people, (although there were just a few of them at the time). I was totally hooked. I have literally done hundreds and hundreds of layouts with SBM. I scrapped several entire vacations with over a 100 pages each. So here I am more then 2 years later, as addicted as ever! Love this place and these folks!!!!


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            I like many had never done Digital Scrapbooking before and I had not really heard of it. I was desperately trying to find school stuff to print off and make a album for my twin girls who just started school. So in my search via my best friend **Google** I found SBM and downloaded the trail as you do hehehe loved it and within 48 hours brought it and have enjoyed everything about it.

            I only have one complaint and that is I haven't done my girls albums yet because I'm too glued to using SBM lol jumping in on the challenges when I can, fiddling around making things but yet haven't printed anything nor completed a album.

            I do believe one day I will achieve this goal and my girls will have there album as well as a bonus one on line that I can put onto CD for them
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              I had never done any kind of scrapbooking but I knew I wanted to do something special for my sisters 50th birthday because she made mine such a special day...I thought about what I could do with my limited resources and I thought a scrapbook would be something she would love..I was surfing the net and found a scrapbook program and bought it..and used it for making her Scrapbook...she loved it and it was a big hit so decided to make one for Sarah Grace and her dance recitial pictures..that turned out great too..then I started on a big one for Jake for graduation..starting when he was day I ran across SBM and downloaded the trial version and posted some of the pages from Jakes book and sent the link to Cathy so she could see them...well next thing I knew I checked my email and my wonderful sister had bought me the SBM program..and well you know the rest of the its a ritiual for Cathy.. she gets up in the mornings and gets her coffee and looks at SBM for new pages..she says she knows when I dont feel good because there are no new pages...Since then Ive come a long way in digital scrapbooking..Im now offically an addict...and Ive learned to use several programs like Adobe and photo shop and loving it more and more...and the best and most wonderful part of everything are the forums and the wonderful friends I have made at SBM..I will treasure that for the rest of my life..and my fabulous sister who is my you sis..and thanks again
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                I actually found ScrapbookMax! at a flea market in the Cincinnati Ohio area. Dottie was the lady set up and the pages looked wonderful. I was able to talk with her for awhile, not as long as I would have liked, with the men with us, you just kind of look and keep moving. I walked away and then came back and talked with her a little longer and I was sold! I had made cards with Hallmark card maker programs and had another card making program as well. So when I put this on my computer and was able to click here, click there, add an embellishment here and a shadow there, I thought WOW! how easy. I really love the ease of the program and would very much like to learn more about making my own items so I can share with everyone here because of all the help I have received since jumping in here a month or so ago. The constant mention in this thread about how helpful this forum is
                is so true. Everyone is so helpful. This is my first time in a forum and it is so much fun. Thank you ScrapbookMax! and all you wonderful people.
                Happy Scrappin'! Susie

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                  One day I bought some wonderful colored vintage papers for regular manual scrapbooking and paid a fortune for that. The result was not what I was thinking and, besides, I didn't like to cut my printed photos. Then I asked myself: why doesn't someone create a program to make digital scrapbooking? Silly me. I went to the Internet and discovered that it was already been invented. :-)

                  The first program I saw was SMB and I immediately downloaded the trial version. I loved it and bought it immediately. Before that I used Photoshop for my photo composition needs, now I use SMB every time it is possible.

                  I believe the trial version is fundamental in the buying decision.

                  The only thing that I believe it is missing is a resource to place a shadow on fonts (captions and legend). I have a trick to do this, but it takes more time.

                  Neverthless, I'm very happy to be party of this community, where we can learn with specialists!


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                    Well girls I have been reading all these posts and this is very interesting.One word which I felt after reading each one was----BOND.Wow what a neat home away from home and my lawn mower cannot get hungry and eat this place but shhhhhh it hears and it has a mind of its own and my computer may decide time to get her ha ha.
                    Thanks for all the stories and I do hope to see more.
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                      I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking completely by accident. I have four daughters. One day the one that is a senior in high school was hanging out with me and we were surfing the blogs of the national student officers of an organization that we are involved in. Five of the six were simply line after line of text. The sixth was done with digital scrapbook pages and so much more interesting to look at and read. We went to google and started searching. We found several online programs, but none of them seemed to have the flexibility for creativity that we were looking for and if they did, there was no way to save a copy of your work. We found scrapbook max and downloaded the trial version - after playing for a few hours, we were sold. Since purchasing, I've now got my college daughter and the senior in high school hooked.

                      This forum and the community here make a huge difference, it's so nice to have folks willing to answer all my silly questions!

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