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    Tell me your story on how and where you found Scrapbook Max.Here is my story:

    I knew their were programs out there.I got a Halmart C.D. on scrapbooking.I was fasinatated on the lovely layouts but it would not allow me to save them and get them done.So one of my many miserable nights where I suffered and could not sleep I was surfing the net ----no I did not take the surf board. Found this site and thought gee I wonder if this scrapbook max will allow me to save as well as get developed.Tried the trail version.Hooked in 3 days and just had to have it.I found out wow this is amazing.The stuff was free and I was amazed.I took so much that I was eager to learn to give back some.I also used the publisher to do 12x12 layouts and let me tell you it is amazing.Then I met Desmond and hounded the poor critter.He turned me from Satan to an Angle.He is great support and if yah have a problem he will be there for yah.
    So many friends I now have and hope to continue. I know Eng and I will always keep in touch. We are both are gabbers.I have met so many nice people and from all over the earth. Wonderful.Now lets here your story on how you found this amazing program.
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    My story

    For one thing, I never ever did digital scrapbooking...I did it the old fashion way using my needlepoint stuff and store bought goodies...Then one day I came across this site by doing a google search...Came here, downloaded the trial version, used it for three hours and said WOW...I ordered right away...Got so hooked my hubby gave me Photoshop CS2 and started making my own stuff on the computer...I posted freebies here and there in this forum of great people and started getting emails telling me to apply for the designer position...I guess you could say the rest is history...I owe everything to my dear friends here for their support..I would have never come this far without the encouragement from all you...So thank you...((HUGS))
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      I'd been making ''embellishments'' (they are called tubes in paintshop pro ) for a while to give my cards a different and more personal look, but i kept finding once they were printed they were often a tiny bit too big or too small so i went surfing (on my skateboard ) looking for a program that would help me lay up the cards first so i could print the embellishments to fit exactley....found Max, downloaded the trial....several hours later i took my head out of it and decided i just had to have it, brought it and joined the forum...and found my online home

      can honestly say as someone who has been on many many forums (and chat rooms) this site has the most friendly, generous and spiritually minded members i've ever you all xxx

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        This is going to be really interesting learning how everyone became addicted to this program.

        I rejected doing paper scrapping because I knew I would become addicted and couldn't afford the "habit". When my grandson was born, I stumbled across Scrapbook Max on the net, downloaded it, and realized within hours I just had to have the program. I visited other scrapbook sites but never bonded to a site like this one. This community is the selling point for this program. If I have a question, it is answered in minutes or hours instead of days. The contests motivate you to develop your creativity and add a competitive nature to the forum. Keep up the good work, SBM.


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          I am fast realizing that being a soccer mom has a limited tenure. My Dear Son is now 13 and will fly the coop soon. So I needed another hobby. I also have a great manager of his team with this awesome camera and she burns cd's of her pics for me. I wanted to commemorate these gorgeous action shots and thought that paper scrapping was the way to go. I internet searched at work on break on just scrapbooking and ran across SBMAX. I bookmarked it. I needed internet service at home so I reallocated the budget and a couple of months later voila! tried the free version. Made some soccer LO's and never touched a regular piece of scrapbook paper in my life! I then ordered the full program and have been seriously scrapping about a LO every day since then. I now would not give up my DSL internet with out a fight!!! I was a design student at school and had Quark and Adobe Illustrater experience behind me so it all came easy. I had really simple design LO's to start and only used the SBMax materials for the first several months as I did not even own a credit card of my own. I found digifree and the whole digiscrap community and post to many galleries but this is my "HOME"! I am on the creative teams of a few new designers and am still learning tricks from all the other CT members, SBmaxers and all of my new friends. I am totally addicted to challenges and try to do them as I have learnt the most from the challenges, how to make a mask, a template, how to download a freebie font, how to capture a .png file, zip and unzip files. My eyes are wide open now and I have something to talk about at work now that is uniquely mine without dwelling on the ups and downs of financial hardship and single parenting. For me this place is GOLD! The most positive thing to happen to me since my hay days in college! I would not give it up for the world!!!

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            First I didn't know what scrapbooking is, I saw my younger friend doing an invitation card and she said she was using scrapbooking. I then search the meaning of 'scrapbook' in the net and came across "Digital Scrapbooking". I thought this might be interesting, I found Scrapbookflair, download it and have fun with the software, but I kept on searching for other softwares, found ScrapbookMax, downloaded the free trial and tried it for 2 days,I was very excited cause its so easy, I can move and turn the picture easily, also the shapes and background papers are fantastic. Then I ordered the full version. So I can make layouts for my flower arrangements, my volunteer work in the church and of course for our grandchildren photos.
            The SBM gallery and the community sharings, have triggered me to get and make other papers and embies which are not in the system. My son install PSCS2 in my computer then later PSE5, but its quite hard to learn, but I tried it, click here and there and find some tuts. I enjoy to be able to make something of my own. Later when Granny offer her tuts using RDP, I was over the moon. But most of all I love my new cyber friends, scattered in the world,all SBM members, your help & friendship & generosity are so precious.

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              I was looking for something that was easy and would do what I wonted it to. I did a computer search. I found lots of programs but like sbm the best.

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                I never wanted to scrapbook. I would see other's work and say "Oh, how pretty" but never want to do it myself. Then, as the family genealogist, I came up with the bright idea of asking family members to tell a story about another family member or ancestor. I started it as a chain letter but the letters got lost by a particular cousin who was renovating his house. He may yet find them after he unpacks all those boxes but luckily most of them were from his brother and sisters. Only 3 others were asked to redo them but I decided to ask people to send them to me directly.

                Anyway, I had to figure out a way to present the stories that could be left at the family farm for anyone to read. I decided to make a scrapbook out of the family stories with a few pictures here and there of the people the stories were about. It turned out super nice but cost me about $400 to complete. People wrote such beautiful, LONG stories and I had asked for them to be in their own handwriting (something that's slowly disappearing in the computer world.) It would be sometimes 5 pages long! Everyone that wrote stories got their own color scheme for their stories so it was easy to tell when there was a new writer. But this left me buying 10 pages and more of each color scheme and I had about 25 writers respond with stories. Whew! I didn't realize until then how expensive scrapbooking was. And hard!!!! I NEVER wanted to do it again!

                I knew nothing about digital scrapbooking. I had bought several items from and soon noticed that she had "gone digital" on me. Well, she was offering digital papers for sale along with her other stuff and she was recommending Scrapbook Max! She said she loved it and so I checked it out and bought it same day!

                So, I'm new to scrapping and to SBM but I'm learning quickly with your all's help. I started out using the templates that came with SBM exclusively. I would tweak them just a little but for the most part just added my pics. 1 month later and I'm trying to create from a blank page. When I first got SBM, I never thought I'd ever USE the "blank" page. I never even knew how to get a background image started! I'm learning and evolving because of the help I get in this community. I feel a part of the family here and love hearing from everyone whether it be "New Releases", "Look at my Layout", or "NSBR"! Thanks for letting me stop by now and again.

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                  I like this thread
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                    Me now never even liked the idee of scrapbooking so much mess, then i saw a friend of mine do such nice layouts of her kids, there is when i first used powerpoint but never could get the right effect, and then i surfed on the net and found sbm, did the trial version and liked what i can do with sbm,sad story was my hubby bought me Ulead scrapbbok which is not as wonderful as sbm, after a while i got photospark from a dear friend. I still love sbm.
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                      Great thread idea EYE!

                      I have always been a picture nut and had my pictures in boxes and boxes. My mom had her's in old magnetic books that filled up several large book shelves. I started in paper scrapping and started selling Creative Memories then I switched to D.O.T.S. I too found myself with closets full of paper supplies and no time to work on my paper books. Then along came digital cameras...... I just couldn't justify getting one for several years, because there was no cost effective way of printing the pics. BUT, over the next few years, I bought myself a Kodak Digital Camera. I then bought my daughter one, cause they were stationed in Germany for 3 years and I wanted a way to get pictures of my grandbabies. Finally, I heard a little about digital scrapbooking so I went to a Comp USA and looked at the software. WOW, this was amazing. I finally bought "Software Delux" and hated it! It just wasn't user friendly, to suit me. Some how I stumbled across SBM. I believe I had googled for digital scrapbooking and found SBM. It was a new program and I remember playing with the trial version. I also found my way to the forum, which is not something I have ever gotten into in the pasts. Needless to say, the rest was history...... I used the trial for a few hours then bought it! I even printed an 8x10 with the banner and all, just to get a feel for the quality.

                      Yes, SBM and this forum has been my home for the past 2 years now. I can not image ever being without my MAX or my MAX Family! I have learned SO SO much! And I'm still learning new things all the time.

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                        Wow, I missed this thread way back.

                        I am trying to remember...I had picked up a scrapbookking magazine. It was either an add for SBM with the website listed or the magazine came with a trial cd for SBM. I am thinking it was a trial CD. I had been paper scrapping for a little while. Women I used to work with got me involved in that. It is expensive and takes up a lot of room. Not to mention messy!! I still have a ton of it and need to finish a couple of books yet.

                        Any way, once I tried the trial I just had to buy the full version. I have been hooked ever since. The "family" here at SBM was the added bonus.

                        Oh, and like others have mentioned, this program works great with Genealogy. I have been working on two books (Mom's and dad's). The layouts are a wonderful way to display the family history.
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                          This is so much fun!!!!! love to know how each one of us be in love each day with our SBMAX!!!!!!
                          Well my aunt introduce me in scrapbook manually when i was in LA for vacations on 2002 she makes me bought a lot of stuff to prepare my LA Scrapbook 1 so i bought a lot of stuff and then go back to lima and never do nothing!!!!! well i really dont have to much time, job-university-sleep-job-university.... so i began my LA album when i was pregnant of stefania i mean spring 2003 so when i finished the album i was swimming in internet and i dont know HOW i find FREE trial version of SBMAx i guess i was more excited because it was free for some days, i show it to my hubby and he makes me the surprise buying for me the programm so thats my story since march 2006 i cant stop digiscrapping! i just love it!!!!
                          Thank you so much ScrapbookMax ... just one question, Why not SBMAX for mac including a scissors?????????
                          baci and grazie eye for the new thread so much interesting
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                            SBM saved me from going bankrupt !
                            I was spending a fortune on paper scrapping which is even now relatively new in the UK. I discovered Creative Memories in a craft magazine and became one of the first consultants in the UK. I had to spend a ridiculous amount of money a month to remain a consultant or I was litrally kicked out. You were supposed to sell a certain amount but I had to buy as I couldn't justify to people the mark up on acid free materials and the equipment.Shops that sold paper scrapping stuff were non existent then. I have a fortune in unused products which I must offload somehow.I wa addicted, well still am,to my lappy and was googling for something to do with paper scrapping when SBM popped up, waved and said "come and look at me!". I did and it was very new then. I briefly looked and bought. I didn't 'gossip' for ages, now look at me Just over two years later the letters are fading on my lappy keyboard because of SBM. This site should win an award for the most supportive and friendly bunch of addicts. The addicts do not need rehab, just an understanding family. Families should be grateful, they would have had to have moved out if we had continued to paper scrap
                            Long live SBM
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                              SBM Saved my sanity!!!

                              I was always interested in doing cards, certtificates etc., and purchased programs such as Print Shop Deluxe, Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, etc. Then my cousin asked me to go to a Scrapbook Workshop with her, and did a couple of projects, and started buying materials etc, even xyron machines for laminating, making stickers and magnets etc. (now they are all stuck in a cupboard ............ ever since I googled the net for programs and came across Scrapbook Max (September 07) and downloaded the trial, I think it took me approx an hour and decided I want that program ... and have been hooked ever since. There are so many wonderful people out there with wonderful tips and advice - it is great. But the most important thing is that because I am my mothers full time carer - my outside activities are very restricted........ this digi scrappin helps me cope mentally and keeps me focused.

                              SO THANKS HEAPS SCRAPBOOK MAX.

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