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    Jealous Carol:

    Originally posted by crops2dawn View Post knows I love her, but when it comes to computers, she isnt the smartest one in class...hahahaha...heck I am right behind her....LOL Now who is gonna tell me how to do this??????

    I just thought that I would let all you good friends know that I taught Desmond everything there is to know about computers. As a matter of fact he is a relative. His mother is my fathers second brothers first cousin. So back off Carol or I will send you over to the other side......its called "Scrapbook for Dummies".......xoxo...........PS: You are still my best friend Carol....xoxo....Smile


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      If Omajo does not mind, I would like to tell you how to do it and where to get a really simple freee program that you can download to do it.

      Omajo, let me know. OH, and Autistic Wonder too. I don't want to steal her thunder!


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        Please tell the secret

        That was so cool (both of them!)

        O.K. Now i see the thread about how to - -

        pays to read as they say! LOL
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          I donn't mind at all of course,...thats right I upload a gif file, . And the gif file i made using PSCS, thats what I "master", at the moment, hehe..... so I can teach you if you have PSCS,............, please pm/email me.
          There are many experts here I'm sure they know how to use with other softwares like PSP or RDP(? Granny , what about RDP?)).

          OK, I want to go to Mandurah this morning, wish I know Terry's address, just to say hello to him. Btw how is he at the moment???

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