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Need advice!! - re-useable materials or not?

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  • Need advice!! - re-useable materials or not?

    I personally am a little weird about old shoes. I only donate old shoes that i had bought and never wore much for whatever reason. I don't mind hand me down clothes but i do not like hand me down shoes. There is no telling what lurks in them . It ranks up there with not sharing underclothes. Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program is a great way to recycle your old athletic shoes . Recycling is very important!!! But what should I do with those 14!!! years old helloween costume boots:

    Not worn them for years, the leather is pretty stiff, worn-out soles, 14yrs old ....Ewwwwwwww! They are NOT donatable, so my question is:
    Are those 14yrs old boots:
    - re-useable materials like old athletic shoes
    - or old, gross items which belong into the trash bag together with the non-recyclable everday trash?

    Need advice!! Please only serious answer!!

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    they are definetly them to me i'll wear them ...i have a shoe fetish lol

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      LOL..Angel...I would wear them too...I have a huge shoe fetish myself..ask cost's him dearly to keep my tootsies in footwear hehehe

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        They look in good shape. I myself have one pair of sneekers and that is it.I always seem to give to my kids and neglect myself.I do not even own a pair of winter boots. For the life of me how do you walk in heels like this ha ha.It would kill me.I have no shorts no bathing suits because I feel fat.I wear Big Night Dresses. Hate clothes except if I leave the house.
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          Oh wanna see heels? I'll take some pics of a few pair of mine and post them for ya

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          Love is not blind. It sees more not less and because it sees more, it's willing to see less.


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            Those heels would kill my feet! The boots look new and in good shape but there is NO WAY I could wear them. I do have to agree with Eye, I have one pair of athetic shoes, and now it's time to go get another pair. Now athetic shoes are a nurse's BEST FRIEND!
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              Am afraid I buy for comfort.......crikey..I never thought I'd say that! I am becoming like my'll be vests next
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