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    I am sure some have noticed less of me around here...not that I dont want to be here, cause I sure do miss this place and everyone here...its just this job... getting more hours as the weeks go by... I have to learn this girls job in 2 weeks cause she is having surgery and will be out for some time, so I have been busy learning everything I can.. that is why I havent been around, I come home, make dinner, clean up a little and I am exhausted... I try to make a layout but nothing is coming to me... I think my brain is fried...hopefully, only some would differ.... and thats have been actually falling asleep at 9:00... that is sooo wrong, and I havent done that in many years, I dont even watch David Letterman any more.... So peeps please take care.. I say my prayers for all those who need them in here... my thought are with ya all...and hopefully soon I can get on a set schedule and get back to what I love...scrappin!!!! Until to you all!!!

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    How can you put your job, family, pets, country, religion, food, shopping, worl peace, the environment, or anything for that matter, ahead of this forum and scrapbooking???

    Get a grip!!!!!

    ps: oh, yeah, Crops... We miss you!

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      I Understand

      I went back to work this week, after being off for a few weeks at Christmas. I've been swamped and exhausted too! I can appreciate your being busy and tired. It just seems that there's not enough hours in the day.

      Crops, you know where we're at and we will be eager to see every opportunity. Just enjoy the job!

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        I know the feeling well! Hang in there!


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          Take care and peek in once and awhile. We do not want to loose you xo.
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            ummm's like WAYYYYY to quiet in here without you and Wolvsie...ONE of you HAS to come back so I say....QUIT your job we miss you!

            P.S...we know Michelle will be back when she's better

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              I'm with Granny! How can you not put scrapping and SBM! at the top of your priorities!! LOL Take care of yourself and come when you can! We definitely miss you!


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                Hang in the Carol, you can do it! But we do miss you in here. I know I haven't been around much lately either. And now with my mom's problems, I have been running back and forth and to the doctors again with her. She was suppose to go to Floriday on the 19th of this month. She isn't getting better, so it looks like she probably won't be able to go. Anyway, things will eventually settle down at your work and you will get back to that a word I should use with you????.......just kidding!


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                  Work can definitely wear you out for sure! we miss ya lots and lots!! hope you can get adjusted soon so that you can come out to play again!
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                    Carol, don't listen to Granny,.........pst (not too loud, cause she is my guru ). We miss you!!
                    My brain is fried too and also frozen , start doing layouts but never finished it,........
                    Come back soon, before your membership "expired",....

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                      Know what you mean Crops....I hate taking hols from work coz I hate the going back effect!
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                        Crops, we miss ya...At least I do...*staring at Granny*
                        it sucks that life has to get in the way of our fun, doesn't it..? Like others have said, we are here when you need us...and most of us understand..*staring at Granny again*...<wink> Just remember, we love ya...You just take it easy and don't over work yourself...No job is worth your health...((HUGS))
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                          Originally posted by *eng* View Post
                          I hate taking hols from work coz I hate the going back effect!
                          I had all 5 of my grandchildren, by myself mostly, during my long Christmas vacation.........I was glad to get back to work so I could rest!

                          Take care, Crops. We'll be missing you.

                          In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


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                            Ohhh Crops!! I thought we lost you!! I have been missing you bunches. (hear that Granny-we miss the little gal!) Those jobs sure get in the way of fun-let me tell ya. Lately I have been having severe pangs of wanting to quit so I have more time to scrap and chit chat. Just not happy at my job lately. But, unfortunately, life doesn't afford me the luxury of quitting my hum drum day job so I have to plug away and try desparately to have a serious attitude adjustment!! The end of year is worst for me--so many things to get done for taxes and budgets to prepare and so on and so on!! We are all around for ya when you can squeeze us in. Love ya! So does Granny she just doesn't want ya to think she is a softie.

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                              I know you will not leave us forever, Crops. This scrapping is too addicting! Just lurk when you have time and pop into a discussion or two. We'll see you back after the coworker returns.

                              I have been in jobs that are frustrating and can understand your desires to stay home and scrap. I just had a month of scrapping time because of an extended medical leave and I am sooooo ready to return to work on Monday. Yippee!