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Onie's Hubby Very ill!!!

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  • Onie's Hubby Very ill!!!

    Ok Peeps, gotta phone from Onie just a few minutes ago. John had a heart attack today. He's in the hospital and they are going to do a cardiac catherder (sp??) tomorrow. If that doesnt go well, then he will need by pass surgery, wont know anything till tom. So lets get those prayers going for him!!!! I know we have a strong group here and prayers work when we all join in! I'll let ya know if I hear anything else.

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    So sorry to hear this, but tomorrow everything will go Ok, our prayers always are with us, so all of our prayer for onies' hubby!
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      Prayers going up!!!!


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        OMG! Onie poor person, I imagine as this suffering, with this episode!
        Ours preces one more time goes to be heard!

        Thanks Carol! please keeps informed okay



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          Oh, no, I'm sorry to hear this. Thanks for letting us know, Crops!

          Onie and John, you're in my prayers. Please take care, and hope the procedure is successful!

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            Thanks for letting us know Carol. Onie we certainly send our love and prayers to you and him. My husband had a bypass a few years ago and they can do wonders now adays. He is in good hands .............Love Lois.....xoxo
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              Thanks for letting us know Carol. Onie so sorry to hear about this. Will be thinking of you and John.


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                You are in my thoughts


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                  Onie my prayers are going out to you and John in highest gear!! They can do wonders now a days. I feel good about things going well tomorrow. Just remember you are in our thoughts through this and we will be here for you.

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                    Oh thank you for letting us know so that we can pray for them!!! how scary for our dear Onie and her hubby!!!
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                      Oh so sorry to hear this, my prayers are with onie and her family.


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                        Oh, so sorry to hear this - Onie, you know how much we are praying for you and hoping that John will do well tomorrow.


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                          Onie, my prayers are with you for your husband and you...If you ever need to talk to someone who went through it, please PM me...I had a 5 bypass, the biggest one out there..<wink>
                          (If he needs it), Let's pray he doesn't...Sending you lots of love and hugs...God bless...
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                            Just a quick note!

                            I just got home from the hospital and John is resting. He's been in so much pain and he was not able to tolerate the Morphine. He will have the cardiac cath at 7:30 am. My parents flew in this evening so I wont be alone. This has been so hard!

                            Thank you for your prayers! I will try to keep you all posted. I will attempt to call Carol (Crops) or Julie (MaggieMae) as soon as I know something.

                            Love You All!
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                              My prayers are glued to yah.I do hope all goes well Onie.Keep us informed.xo.You guys did not need this.
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