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    Mom came home

    Well she is home. She sounds a little better. My younger brother took her to chemo today ..we are sorta getting snowed in now, there was no travel in our County yesterday and early this am. Emmy ate 3 times today which is a whole lot better than she has been and her adoring daddy tried feeding her taco's for dinner...didn't go over very well she HATED it! I'm gonna try to get down to see mom tomorrow morning. Thank you all for your thoughts and means so so mom thanks you all too she sends her love, she says she's gotta love ya have to be wonderful people for putting up with her daughter! She doesn't even remember saying all the things she said about my sister and stuff and she was real confused about the health care proxy...when we told her she was like "No, Sid is my HCP, we just let it go. The Docs told us that her memory would get worse not better before it's over. Well gotta run I'm late getting the kiddies to bed!

    Love ya all~~


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      So happy to hear that your mom was able to come home wiz! I know you have a long road ahead of you-but remember-we are all here for you. Tacos????? Oh my-I bet she wasn't happy with that! Please take care of yourself too Wiz!! You and your whole family are in my prayers.

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        So glad for you Liz, hang in there, ok!


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          So glad things are easing up a bit for you. This, too, shall pass! Take good care of yourself!


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            Glad to see she got home.It is along journey for you.Emily is so precious.I can just see her making faces at her daddy for eating something that taste horrible ha ha.
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              Don't you worry, Em! We're gonna sick our Granny on your Dad!!! Be a good girl and take care of Mommy and Grandma! Shhhh....

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                That was so good to hear...I know she has her good and bad days...Just relax on her good days and everything should balance itself out...Remember, I am only a phone ringy away too...Get some rest...Love ya GF!
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                  Sending God's love to you ((HUGS)).

                  Wolvsie's advice is great. Live life to the fullest one day at a time, cherish the time you have together, make everyday a special day.

                  Prayers and hugs,

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