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  • Wiz is over the edge...

    Hi gang... Just heard from Liz... She has not been here because her mom is failing rapidly, and Liz is spending as much time as possible with her. She is also worried about our sweet little Emily. The doctors say she is fine, but she is loosing weight.

    She also ask me to tell you Crystal, that she thought your package had gone out a month ago, but she just found it under a mountain of junk on the back of their vehicle, and every thing in it was destroyed. So she needs to replace it all, and promises that she will personally mail it this time, no matter what it takes.

    So folks, please let's keep our dear Wiz in mind and hearts.

    We love and miss you Wiz!!!!

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    Oh my, what terrible news. We're praying for all of you, Wiz!!!

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      Thoughts and prayers for you and your family Wiz.

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        Prayers going your way Wiz for you , your mom and Emily. You have alot on your plate and I wish I were near enough to at least give you a hug........xo....Smile
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          Hang in there Liz, we are here for you! Prayers going up!


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            Hello Wiz

            I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom and our sweet Emily! Your in our thoughts and prayers!

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              Ohhh Wiz my heart goes out to ya! Please know you and your dear family are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!

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                Thanks everyone..and thank you too granny. I have today and tomorrow "Off" (If you can call it that) They got 3 feet of snow where mom is in the hospital and the roof of their DPW building caved in under all the weight so they have had a hard time plowing streets. Emmy has therapy all day tomorrow. I could kill my husband with a very clear conscience. My family is fighting over EVERYTHING!..I need a babysitter..I need a drink..yeah, a couple gallons of daquries sounds real good right now lol. My mom wanted to see London before she died, I was going to take her but now she can't even get out of bed to use the bathroom anymore. she told me the other day "If this keeps up, I'm gonna die" I couldn't help but laugh..when she realized why I was laughing and what she said, she laughed too. Then she says "I meant today!" Oh and last week Mark needed my van cuz he was going to watch the kids so I took his Blazer instead of my truck because I had to pick up my older sister to bring her to the hospital..anyway...we stopped at this strip mall and she bought a bunch of junk and when we went to put it in the back I found my exchange gift under a bunch of Marks work tools the box was crushed I was so mad! Only one thing survived...but what made me mad was the fact that he was supposed to put it in the mail about a month ago! YUP, a drink sounds mighty good right now! I have a cast iron skillet with Marks name on it I tell ya!

                So, If I'm not on much for a while, it's because I'm driving 4 hours a day to see my ma. Thanks for the prayers, use them for Emily she needs them more than I do!

                Love ya all~

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                  Oh Wiz you poor thing!! You are in my thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your family tenfold!! Please do take care of yourself too, Emmy needs you. Don't kill your hubby just yet-he could prove to be useful. Just kidding of course. Wiz, on a more serious note, please know that I am, and everyone else are here for you if you need to talk about anything. Please don't try and shoulder it all by yourself-you have friends here. Take care my cyber friend.

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                    I will kill the husband and hide him in grannies mattress where the other bodies are.People will just think it is getting fatter due to more money being stashed.So sorry to hear all that is going on with you.I have sent prayers that are heavy as lead so you will not loose them.Take care of yourself asyou need strength.xo
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                      Prayers for you

                      Liz, please don't run yourself ragged...I know that it isn't easy...I am praying for all of you...Send the kids here, I will watch them for awhile..If I lived closer, I'd be there for ya GF!!!... I swear!!!!
                      The London thing, just a thought, but I did this before my dad died from cancer...He wanted to see DisneyWorld before he passed, so I found a whole bunch of nice photos, and made a slide show out of them, and we watched it over and over again...Made his day...
                      Love ya sweetie, and we are thinking of you everyday...Give Em a hug from me..She will beef up again...<wink>
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                        The lighthouse

                        Just a reminder that there is a light that will lead you through life's many turmoils. Keep your chin up and the way will be brighter tomorrow. Praying for you, your mom and Em!


                        In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


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                          So sorry for all you are going through Liz. I will surely keep you and Em and your Mom in my thoughts!


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                            Our poor must take are so special as are your family. God bless you all and we will you to get through this. Kisses for Mummy Wiz too xxxx and our little Em' xxx
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                              OH of all people dont need all this in your life now..please know that you, our sweet Em, and your mom are in my prayers..and God has ears to hear prayers for EVERYONE of you..You just let all things go that you can and rest some..your mom and emmy need matter how long you are gone from here..we understand and we will be keeping in touch one way or the other...You sure wont be Forgotten..wish I lived closer you could send the kids to my house for some "Nana Love"..Try not to worry about our em..she will start gaining her weight back and be fine..I love you and em and Im always here if you need me and only a phone call away..
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