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  • New Show-Moment of Truth

    Ok everyone the MOMENT OF TRUTH is here..did you watch the new show on Fox last night and did you like it....
    well I for one cant give a true or false answer.. for it was a little of believe though, if the show stays on for very long there will be big First constestant was so confident..after he got the $25,000 and questions got harder to answer..when he heard that word False he looked like he was going into shock..and he didnt get one dime after all the revelations he made..he kept saying I didnt come here to just win $10,000, I didnt come here to win just $25,000..and look what happened he didnt win a DIME..lost every there a lesson on greed here...I cant say if its going to get good reviews or was pretty funny and an odd concept and if you dont have anything better to do its an ok show to watch..let me know what you think about it all..
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    This is our first time and we loved it.I bet yah I could win as I am so honest.Laurie would root me on just for the money ha ha.It was an interesting thing to watch.
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      I didn't watch but a friend of mine did. It sounded like it was interesting. I think it'll probably be around a while because it seems the stranger the show the more people like it. I don't think I'd want to be in that chair though . . . too many personal questions get asked . . . I say let sleeping dogs lie!

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