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Slumber party question...the most famous person you've met......

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  • Slumber party question...the most famous person you've met......

    O.K., pretend you're at a slumber party (in our case here at the SBM forum, we'll make it co-ed just for the sake of the question )..........

    And your friends ask............

    Who is the most famous person you have ever met? .........How? Why? Under what circumstance? What were they like? Rude, surprisingly pleasant, prettier in person....?

    Come on scrapbookers.........let's hear it!!

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    When I was 10 we went on the "Love Boat" for spring break. There was tons of stars there mixing and mingling with guests. The cast of Love Boat as well as some of the casts of Soap, Eight is Enough, Little House on the Prairie, and a couple other hit shows from that era. Billy Crystal was a nice guy, Ted Lange too. They were the only two who hung out with us kids at all. None of those encounters really mattered though, I'm not a TV person. The only people I met on that cruise which made any impression on me at all were Jacques Cousteau and his son Jean. Neat guys. Definitely my type of people, all substance no filler.

    The only famous person I've ever met who really rocked my world is the guitarist Mike Stern. Man oh man oh man!!! Can't say enough good stuff about that guy, easily in the top ten electric guitarists in history. He absolutely blew me away.
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      Most famous musician would probably have to go to Reba McEntire. I made her coffee when her tour bus stopped in for a short rest at Rogers Pass in the Canadian Rocky Mountains while I was working there. It was very, very early in the morning, but she was completely pleasant and (I remember thinking) remarkably attractive for someone her age with little or no makeup on. Not that she was that old at the time, but I was that young. Her crew were a real ragtag, funloving bunch - one of them was wearing a Sex Pistols cap.

      (I also met a supposedly very famous Swedish singer/actress while I was at Pang Ljud studio in Stockholm...and while I didn't have the foggiest idea who she was, the guys there made a very big fuss about her. It probably didn't hurt that she was tremendously cute.)

      I've met a lot of writers at readings and such, but the most famous is probably Orson Scott Card. I'd long been an admirer of his talent, so the first time I met him it Was A Big Deal (tm) for me. Unfortunately it turned out the only thing greater than his talent was his ego; he was remarkably self-important and externally aware of his "greatness," at least at the time I met him. Maybe he's humbled a bit since then?
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        Wel, first to move to Rome i worked in an orient express 5*hotel in lima, peru, and there i met some important people i checked in some of them like Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, Ben Khingsley this last two were fantastic, so kindly but the best for me was goldie hawn so funny i remembered that she made a little joke with my friend when i was making the check out, my friend was attending an internal phone call,and mrs hawn was at the frotn desk talking to me, but this fantastic woman joked with fhe phone call of my friend, was fantastic, she's fabolous.

        i saw also there the Asturias prince, Felipe, and some presidents, who came for the change of presidents in lima 2001, also Mario TEstino a peruvian and very famous photographer, he is so nice and kindly too.
        my experience in the hotel was incredibly, fantastic, wonderfull, etc and the true is that i miss so much my job and hope to find a similar one here in rome
        well guys see you later!
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          Most important man

          Well , the most important person i met was Papa Juan Pablo II in an audience in St Peter on november 2003
          Unitl now i cant go to see Papa Benedeto XVI, but i will go soon
          thanks guys and if you are interest i can post some of the pic that i took from Papa Wojtyla
          Ciao a tutti
          Sacannon, Granny, Marion, Eye, OnieRN, *Eng*,Rosana,Angelwithin, Jamiept son mis amigas!!!!!


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            Wow - the Scrapbook MAXers have certainly have firm ties with the glitterati. Almost suspiciously so. Perhaps our forum names disguise our true identities and we are all celebs trying to get in touch with our crafty, creative sides...
            Who knows - "Karin" could be the perfect cover name for Liza Minelli or Tom Hanks... Something to think about...

            Seriously, though. Probably the most famous person I met was Pierre Trudeau. I was in Ottawa with my family when I was a kid. He was strolling away from the Parliament buildings (on his way to the parking lot....or maybe a Slurpee..for all I know) and he said "Bonjour" to us.

            My sister-in-law gave flowers to Queen Elizabeth and also met Patrick Swayze. Two separate occassion



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              I shook former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's hand while on a grade 9 school trip to Ottawa waaaayyy back in the day. My only impression of him was he stunk of cologne! My hand smelled all day. That was in the late 80's!


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                Living in the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles, I have meet, worked, and even traveled with quite a few famous people whose names you would all recognize. Some of them were very nice, some were real horses pututies. I also used to hang around with the nieces and nephews of a very well known dictator. He is a horses pututy, the kids are very nice.

                But the most famous, important people I've ever meet where:

                1) My parents, who have spent a life time taking care of me and making me happy. Their love, dedication and sacrifices excell any thing any movie star or famous person has ever done.

                2) Some of my teachers, whose names I don't even remember, but who patiently encouraged, taught and guided me.

                3) My grandmother, who I only got to enjoy for 14 years before I had to live the country, and whom I never saw again. She was the most wonderful person in my life.

                4) My dear neighboors, who every time they hear an ambulance in our large apartment complex, run out to see who's hurt and find out what they can do to help.

                5) My 7 million spiritual brothers and sisters throught the whole earth, who I can confidently go to any time and know that they will give every thing they have, including their lives, even though they have no clue as to who I am. Ask Moonbeam, she'll tell you.

                6) And last but not least... All of you in this forum, who so lovingly and generously share their talent, graphics, stories, family pictures, advise, support, laughter, and concern with me.

                I'm sure I forgot to mention some others, but believe me, no one, not one of those "Stars" out there, come close to shining like the ones I mentioned above.

                Thank you all for being my friends.


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                  Thanks Granny - you really put things in perspective. It's been great getting to know you and everyone else on these forums!



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                    Mushy is right - but so importantly true Granny. Still, there is something kinda fun and intriguing about meeting truly famous people.....especially if you get an impression of what they're like!


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                      famous People.

                      I saw President Bush driving right by me in his motorcade through our town and I waved at him, does that count?

                      He actually came to Janesville, Wisconsin. Can you imagine that!!!



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                        Oh, Marnie, you're so right, it is fun. I was'nt trying to be a spoilsport. Ok, I'll drop some names,

                        My inlaws traveled with Michael Jackson on his concerts, so once we got to go back stage, where we meet "The Fonze" Henry Winkler and John Ritter, and quite a few other famous persons.

                        I visited Henry Wilcox several times at his house in Burbank, (Associate Producer of the Ten Commandments) who was a fox even in his old age.

                        I meet Teresa Graves from Get Christy Love. And I worked and traveled with Jeanny Linero, who played the role of Andy Garcia's mother in the first and last Godfather's movie, and was Freddy Prince's girlfriend in Chico and the Man. She was a wonderful person and good friend. She passed away recently.

                        There, is that better?


                        Marion , Steve, Moonbeam, Ladybug, Wolvsie, Fourfoxes, Vanessa, PinkLollipop and Winnie49 are my buddies!!!

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                          At first I thought Orson Scott Card was the keyboardist from Bon Jovi. But then I thought, wait a minute - what would Lorne be doing reading a book by Bon Jovi's keyboardist? After that I pretty much realized there's a good chance it might not be him.
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                            Here's a "sortof" met someone famous. Our family was flying back east from Denver and Robin Williams was sitting right behind us. We kept telling my mother-in-law that Robin Williams was behind us - she didn't have a clue until I said, "It's Mork!" Then she turned right around and said hi to him. He looked very tired but he was quiet and polite and didn't ask for any special treatment.


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                              I met the singer of what used to be my favorite band (rock/metal kinda band) at that time (that was maybe 5 years ago) whom I found extremely hot! It was a great moment, even though I don't like that band anymore. So, it was at the concert, of course. I was in the front and I noticed he just kept on looking in my direction, but I thought he was looking at the girl standing next to me 'cause she was really hot. Eventually, he left the stage between two songs, and came back on stage. Minutes later, a bodyguard came to me and gave me a backstage pass. So after the show I went at the private backstage party. It was great!!

                              My boyfriend met Claudia Schiffer many years ago when she was still a supermodel and when she paid a little visit to Montreal. He was lucky enough to say hi to her, and she smiled back and said hi too. He told me she had a very cute face, but in person, she is disgustingly toooooo skinny, as you could expect...