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    Thanks everyone..please keep your prayers going..
    Im feeling better..went to the dr and my o2 level was good..I still have a touch of pneumonia..I now have a bipap machine at home..thought I was only going to use it at night but he said anytime you sleep..Lori said I might as well glue it to my face as everytime I get comfortable I fall asleep..LOL Im just hoping it will help me as much as the dr says it will..I also saw the heart dr..he said I was doing great..dont come back for 6 months unless I have that was wonderful news..
    I havent been doing anything much..just laying around most of the time..I made a page for Angie but worked on it off and on for 3 days..they adopted a retired greyhound and the whole family is totally in love with him..he seems to feel the same...although the cats dont like him and hiss at him all the time..Angie says he just ignores them LOL
    Ok my friends Im going to lay down again and watch Monk..he comes on during the day now too.. reruns.. but I like him anyway..take care and keep me in your prayers..Love to All
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      We love you Jazz. I am so glad you are feeling better. Keep up the good work.xo.
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        OMG, it is so nice to see you posting...!
        I'm glad you are getting better, now to keep you that way...<wink> *Thinkin' we should tape her down somewhere comfortable so she doesn't over do herself...* hehe...
        I love ya sweetie, and so glad to see you around here again...
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          Jazz-so glad to see that you are able to post again. You take it easy and like the Dr. said-you will be getting better and better. Just have a new piece to add to your wardrobe is all!! We will call it a Bi' P'ap headress-or fancy hat or some sort, that kind of fits your face too. I know you love hats!!hehehe! Love ya girl! Take care!

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            So glad you're better!! It's wonderful to have you back!! I like Monk, too! And greyhounds make the bestest pets!!


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              Glad to see you on here and know that you are doing better, please keep up the good work, but I willl still be thinking about you. Yes, go relax watching Monk, I love that show!


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                Hey, Jazzy... So good to hear from you. You just go ahead and rest all you want. We're just delighted you're doing better.

                As soon as you feel up to it, we'll have a marathon boling tournament at the center!!!


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                  Take care of yourself Jazz, glad to hear that you are better and on the mend.

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                    Glad to hear your doing much better. Take care of yourself and we're glad you're back!

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                      Good to hear from ya Jazz! Hope you feel better everyday!!!! So scary to hear you are in the hospital so much... but aren't we grateful for modern medicine in times like these!!!

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                        so good to see you posting again.
                        now do take care of yourself
                        we are all so worried
                        thinking of you and praying for your health!!
                        take care
                        sending healing hugs your way