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    I havent seen Jazz anywhere on the internet in days, Friday I got an email from KimB asking if I heard from her...nope... So I waited till tonight and gave her a call..... She was back in the hospital, couldnt breathe again and was put back on the bi pap machine. She came home yesterday and is taking it easy, when she is feeling better she will let us all know.... so lets keep those prayers going for our Jazz.... God knows she needs them.

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    Thank you Crops--Kimb had asked if I had heard anything too. I tried to call her today, but no one answered. I am so happy that you were able to get through and talk to her. Jazz I am thinking of you and my prayers never stop where you are concerned. Please take it easy and let your body recuperate!! Love ya!

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      Oh thank you crops! I worry about Jazz. Such a sweet person, she doesn't deserve to be ill! Jazz, you rest and relax! Get better. You are always in our prayers..always!

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        Thanks Croppy! She sure hasn't had a good year. Take care of yourself Jazz!


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          Our prayers are with you Jazz. Hope you feel better soon.

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            Thanks, Crop. Glad you're on top of things!!!

            Jazz.... Take it easy, gilr. We need some sane people around here!


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              OMG! Again now! mine prayers is constant for Jazz, I asked these days for it! it felt me worried!
              Thanks update Carol, leaves - in always knowing the new news ok



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                Oh, poor Jazzie. She doesn't need this. Keep resting, Jazz! You know how much we want you to get well.


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                  Poor Jazz, what a start to 2008. Hope she has a quick recovery xxxx
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                    Get well soon dear Jazz , rest and hope to see you very soon
                    We are with you sweetie!
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                      Poor Jazz, hope this is the final bout and she will be on a upward swing from here on. My prayers are with you Jazz, take it easy and get better and stay that way this time.

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                        Sending big prayers and hugs to Jazz


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                          Thank you Carol....Jazz have you been partying again....glad you are ok my friend and I will call you soon....xo........Lois


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                            Thanks Croppy and Paula- Gee's I was tearing my hair out here! LOL. Jazzy you're turning this already greying head white with worry- I'm just sooo glad to hear that you are now home and recovering again!! TAKE IT EASY and know that we love and miss ya!!!
                            Will chat when you are strong enough again-
                            Sending BIG HUGS and KISSES your way

                            Forever in my heart - Jazzy


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                              Originally posted by Smile View Post
                              ...Jazz have you been partying again.....Lois
                              Somebody needs to hold her down until she gets well. I vote we send in the big guns.....<hitchin' up my glue-gun belt>.... I'll handle this folks. I'm gonna glue her to her bed! Jazz, you just sit tight until you're completely rested! Granny needs a sane person on here. (She can't count on the rest of them to stay that way. )
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                              In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!