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Thank goodness for digital scrapbooking

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  • Thank goodness for digital scrapbooking

    I took a trip to Disneyland and decided to make a traditional (using scissors and glue) scrapbook. Oh my's just too much. I'm at least $50 dollars in, and it doesn't even look that good, and it is not even half finished. I don't own the equipment to make it really nice. Even if I had the stuff, I don't have the vision & every sticker is 2.99 and even the plainest paper is .50 each. Also, once you do something you are, mostly, stuck with it. I'm so happy that I found scrapbookmax!! I can't wait for this project to be over!!
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    Here's A Thought

    Some of us on here have scanned their tradition paper pages then did the rest as a digital. That way you can turn it into a digital book! I've seen some of the pages that they scanned and they turned out nice!

    I am putting together a video of my parents life together, for their 55th anniversary. I have recently scanned some of my mom's papers and are cropping what I want to put into a digital pages.

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      and the very best thing about digital scrapping??? Buy it once; use it forever!!!! Glad you found SBM!!!
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        and the room it took up was ridiculous! I still have loads that I'll never use!
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          Welcome aboard Signal....This is a wonderful and easy form. And too top things of we have a wonderful group of people here....Look forword to seeing your creations...xo...Lois
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            Originally posted by *eng* View Post
            and the room it took up was ridiculous! I still have loads that I'll never use!
            oh WOW just dump it in a box and put a sticker with my name and address on it if you want to get rid of your 3D scrapping stuff!! i have plenty of room left over, or heck if theres no room i just throw out some of my hubbys stuff hehehe
            I luuurrrvvv 3D scrappin'
            sorry folks
            i do love digital scrapping to
            but nothing relaxes me more than sitting at my desk, cutting and pasting and ...........
            makes me feel like i am back in kindergarten

            welcome Signal this is a SUPER forum with a whole bunch of the most friendly people you would ever meet on the net!!!!
            very addictive i must say.!!!


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              Ohhh Man... how dare you go to Disney and not take me!!!! LOL Hope you had a great time...I did a Disney book last year if you want to look in my gallery and get some ideas... Ohhhh I love that place and cant wait till I go back there....I just bet Mickey and Goofy miss me...hahahahaha

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                Another $7

                I just got back from Michael's (Crafts)--another $7. I'm going to go broke before I ever finish the book, but those Buzz Lightyear stickers might be worth it.
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