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Jazzie Is Sick Again

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    Originally posted by MaggieMae View Post
    What can we all do?
    I guess we are all dazed at this sad news.She will need lots of love and support and of coarse our prayers. GOD BLESS YOU JAZZ.
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      Just keeping this thread on top so everyone will see it.


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        Maggie Mae just told me. I'm devastated. This is going to be so hard on Jazz. On the whole family. I have Jazz's phone number and address. Please let me know if you want me to send flowers or something. I don't want to call until I know for sure that Jazz has been told, and to give the family time to absorve this.

        This is as bad as loosing Jazz, because I'm sure she will wish it was her and not her daughter! Oh, my word...

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          omg what dreadful news, my heart & prayers go out to jazz and her family xxxxxxxxxx

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            OMG!!!!!!! Jazz I just emailed you, I had NO IDEA!!!! This is truly the worse news! I cant express my feelings right now....

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              My heart goes out to you Jazz. Love and prayers!

              Granny please let me know if you do something, I will contribute. Thanks!
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                God bless this family. They have been through so much. I wish that there was something we could do. Granny, if later on you want to send flowers on our behalf let us know. This is too devastating for words.........Love you Jazz and I only wish I were close enough to hold you........xoxo...We got to know Lori through you and she was so wonderful and kind to always let us know about her mom.....xoxo


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                  Granny, please let us know how to contribute to flowers or a memorial or something for Lori. This is too terrible to believe.


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                    oh!! Jazz,

                    OMG, I am sad when I read these news,
                    Mine prayers is every day to all of this place, has immense affection, aches me immensely not to be able to be to the side of Jazz, but this inside of my heart the all moment.,
                    God comforts and goes to give many victories to it, is certain of this!


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                      OMG!!! Paula thanks for calling me to tell me this..I am so sad for Jazz, she definetly doesn't need this right now...I feel like I should be there or something...If there is anything I can do, please let me know...Flowers, anything...I am so sorry sweetie for your loss..We are praying for you..((HUGS))
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                        Oh My Lord........ NO, this is just the worst news! I'm in shock! This Is Just So Sad, we've gotten to know and love Lori.

                        Granny, Please let us know what we can do! I know we all want to show our love and support!
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                          My heart is broken and I am so emotional right now. This is the worst news anyone could give us. I feel just awful for Jazz. How is she going to bounce back from this? She is going to need all the prayers she can get to help her get through this. Jazz I am here for you, when you are ready and if you want to talk let me know. Praying for you and your family.

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                            Wow, what a real shock! I did not know Lori, but know it is never easy to go through things like this, especially when you are struggling with health yourself. Please know that Jazz and her family are in our hearts and prayers.

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                              I'm too lost for words... What a tragedy...


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                                I just read this.. I am at a loss for words...Saying Prayers for all....