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Jazzie Is Sick Again

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  • Jazzie Is Sick Again

    hey everybody this is Lori, Jazzies daughter, I just wanted to let you all know that Momma is back in the hospital and back on the ventilator, I just got back from the hospital visiting her, shes doing exceptionally well on the ventilator.. she is awake.. and she is alert and able to communicate with us, she was writing notes like crazy,

    And we got some really good news, Momma said that her pulmonary Dr was really really pissed off at the Emergency room dr's because they consulted her primary care dr instead of her lung dr, and that the primary care dr ordered her to be on the ventilator, according to her lung dr, she DID NOT need to be put on the vent, she needed to be on the Bipap machine.. so they are working extra hard to get her off the vent ASAP...

    So I ask that you all pray for momma, and please pray for our family...

    Thanks Everyone
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    Oh Jazz. How sad it is to hear you're sick again. I'm sending up prayers for your ability to be taken off the vent very soon and to recover from this setback.

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      I have not been on here long but Jazz is a great Lady. Prayers and get well thought sent her way!!!

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        Lori, prayers are flying your way as fast as possible. Mom is never out of my thoughts, sure wish she would get over that hump and put all this illness behind her.

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          Lori, prayers going up as I write. Please tell my old pall to hang in there, and she has got my permission to kick the living daylights out of that idiot!!!

          I spend most of Saturday night in emergency with my mom, she had pneumonia and a bladder infection, but... Lo and behold!!!! Her stupid doctor said there is nothing wrong with her!

          Got to love those blook suckers!


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            Thanks Lori- Oh Man- I just sent a mail to Croppy as I hadn't heard from your mom since the 12th- Oh Jazzy girl, You get better soon you hear me!!! I'm sending you all my prayers, love and hugs in the hope that you will be STRONG and WELL again ASAP!! Miss you my friend-
            Please keep us informed Lori-

            Forever in my heart - Jazzy


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              Sweetie hope you feel better soon, we miss you a lot and our prayers and love are with you and your family
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                Oh No! Praying for you Jazz. I know that you didn't need this again. Take care my dear friend-and hoping you get off the ventilator real soon. Miss you!

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                  Ok Jazzie, not again... You need to recover soon and enjoy some lounging time...We are here praying for you, and will miss you until you get back...hugs sent your way too...
                  Love ya
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                    Get well soon Jazz
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                      Prayers going up!


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                        Oh Jazz, not again. please hurry and get better. I already had bad news today from my best friend. Her dad passed away in Vegas of a Massive Heart attack. They had to make a decision to unplug him. I guess the back of his heart was really bad and there was no hope. So Jazzy, get well soon!


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                          Oh you poor thing... I'm praying for your quick recovery. Please, Lord take care of our Jazz!

                          In case I go missing call Moonlightpearl, Granny, twpclerk or Smile! Then have them call Crops because we're probably together at the Yoville Races!


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                            Oh, Lori, you know that prayers are going up for your wonderful mom!! Please keep us informed!


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                              This is terrible news! JAZZ you need to get better! Your loved and missed terribly. Thank you Lori for keeping us informed.
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