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    From Wisconsin
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    I am!!!!! Now it's one huge ice skating rink out on the roads. They said DO NOT DRIVE! unless you absolutely have to. It's terrible-drainage sewers can't handle the rain and are backing up-and we are still getting rain and it's freezing-than the snow is coming again. uugghh! Need some springtime soon!

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      oh and we never really had much snow this year. just a fluttering of white.
      so send some over to the netherlands and i'll pack some of this lovely sunshine we are having ( man it so feels like spring already!! plants are bursting and first flowers are blooming)

      my girl still wants to have some snow. we havent been able to build a snow man and no snow angels either.
      so she is still asking mum, is it still winter?? then were is the snow, why dont we get any snow?

      take care all with that snowy weather!! watch your health and all your limbs!!!


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        We haven't had a flake.....send a few to us
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          Originally posted by *eng* View Post
          We haven't had a flake.....send a few to us
          What kind of flakes would you like?


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            Marion, you're going to need a 747 to send her all the flakes from this forum, yourself included!!!

            You can send the snow to me, I love it!!


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              Should I be worried???????????

              Listen Marion we have so much snow here that my husband went out four days ago to shovel the driveway and I haven't seen him since.........Should I wait untill Spring...????