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  • About Jazz's daughter

    Hi folks...

    I called Jazz's home to get some information. Talked to Lori's younger son. I did not say much, he sounded very upset. Just let him know how we all feel, and asked if there was someone else there I could talk to. He is all alone right now, but I promised to call later to get more info.

    They don't have any arrangements yet for the funeral. Jazz does know now. It was really hard to do this, because I hate intruding. I was not about to tell Jazz. I agree with Kimbob, it should not have come from us. But she already knows. I will call later or tomorrow. I don't want to miss sending the flowers to the funeral either, so I'm between a rock and a hard place.

    As soon as I have more information, I will let you know. If any of you have any suggestions about anything, please share them. I'm not trying to be in charge, just want to get the ball rolling.

    And thank you all for the many offers already to send flowers! I won't do anything without checking with you first.

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    I want to thank you for being on top of this. I know it was hard for you to call. We appreciate you so much!

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      thank you so much! I just can't imagine how the family feels. How old is Lori's son? Please include me on any flowers and where I could send $ to. Thanks!

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        I am going to send you money today because I don't know what later will bring (remember last time?) Please give Jazz my love and a huge hug to you too for being so thoughtful and so caring not only to Jazz but to all of us!

        Love ya Granny!


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          Please let me know whatever is decided. One of my dear odies died today after a fall, he had a long and good life though, 95 last week, one of life's characters and an absolute sweetheart. I felt so sad but sadder to learn of Lori, only 37. Flowers are often replaced here by donations to a charity, I don't know if this is the case elsewhere. Whatever please count me in. When Jazz was in better health we used to chat a lot. Thinking a lot at the moment. God Bless xxx
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            Thank you Granny!!! I know that was a hard phone call to make....I was going to call but not until I knew she knew, ya know....Count me in with whatever ya'll decide.

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              Ditto to all of the above.


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                Eng I am so sorry for your loss as well...Prayers are going your way too..
                Granny, just incase I miss a thread due to my medical crap, please send me an email when you know more, I want to contribute some money to help in sending something..k? Thanks so much...You are God Sent...((HUGS))
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                  Prayers all around it looks like. I pray that Jazz and her family will someday find comfort and peace. Granny thank you so much for doing all the hard work. It is greatly appreciated. Please count on me to help in any way I can.

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                    Count on me too Granny, just let me /us know where to send "our love" for Lori and her family.
                    Thanks for your help and effort to comfort them on behalf of us, I appreciate it very much,..........

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                      Ditto all above !!
                      Thanks Granny for keeping the informed ones on this! poor Jazz!
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                        Thankyou Granny, I know that must have and still is a hard phone call to make. We thank you for representing us all and we will be here as soon as you know where to send the flowers....xoxo...Lois
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                          Granny I did go online and looked up the local paper in Jazz's town and to see if the obituary was listed. Not listed yet, so they have not made the funeral arrangements yet. That is one way to find out where it will be and when without intruding on the family. That might help you out a little. I will PM you with the link.

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                            Wonderful idea! You are very clever! Please keep us informed!

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                              Ditto to what everyone said