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    Originally posted by evee View Post
    To be honest I'm not sure what all this is about. When I upload a layout, I put it into one of my albums, and it automatically goes into the Members' Gallery. If I upload a few at once, only one appears in the main gallery. The others will only be seen if you click on the one LO that is shown, and enter my gallery. Then you see the dates the others were posted, including the other ones I posted that day.

    To see other members' LOs I go to Members' Gallery and click on "Newest First" - in a box on the right with a drop down menu. This brings up the gallery in order of submission, but doesn't show every LO uploaded by a single person. You only see the other pics they've uploaded that day when you click on the main gallery LO and get into their own gallery. I never go near the Recent LOs, though I do now however go to Look at My Layout. So, am I missing something?
    I agree....When I upload them into an album, only one shows up in the gallery and it is usually the first one of the album page...They give you options when you upload your LO's as well..Make sure you don't click on all of them...IE..Member's Gallery, Look At My Layout, Groove Contest, etc...Put it in the subject you want it to go...I love seeing everyone's Lo's and usually will click on that members gallery after seeing one I liked just to see the Maybe...<wink> but it is a nice feature to have...I too, would like to post a Lo and see it on the main page for at least 10 minutes...hehehe...There is also the Look At My Layout Forum to post your Lo's as well...Add a link to the gallery to get them there to post comments...Just a thought...
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      sorry to lighten the post but as i saw the title

      we love newbies but.......

      i so wanted to end it with

      we love newbies but.......i couldnt eat a whole one

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        Well stupid me wondered how you guys did this.Guess nights make me daaaaaa.
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          I do believe Michelle had the same problem last week. Here is the response from Karin In case anyone missed the thread. Happy Scrapping

          Just so that there is no confusion, layouts posted in the gallery are not being "erased" or cancelled out when others post and don't really disappear. I know what you mean - if many layouts are posted in a day, your layout will not readily appear on the page that comes up when you first go to the gallery. Viewers can, however, make use of the "history" links in the upper right hand of the gallery, allowing them to view posts from 1 day ago, 7 days, 14 days, etc.

          Limiting layouts posted in our member galleries is not an option for us as our free, unlimited member galleries are an important reason that people join our site (for sharing their layouts with friends and family).

          However, we have put a few things in place for those of you who are specifically seeking feedback from this community (cause that's all part of the fun, too!). First, there is our Look At My Layout category in the gallery itself (find it at This category is like our community bulletin board where members can post up to 3 layouts a day (honour system applies). This way, other users can take in a whole bunch of different layouts from different members at a glance, and you can highlight the layout you really want to show off.

          Second, we also have a Look At My Layout forum in the Online Community. Find it here:

          We encourage members looking for feedback on layouts they are particularly proud of to post them here. Full instructions for posting can be found here:

          Hope that addresses your question and hope you`ll take advantage of these two dedicated spaces for displaying your layouts - we always love to see your work!



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            When you create an album, there is a box where it asks if the album is private or not. If you choose private, your uploads do not show up in the gallery. I have many private albums and none of the photos have shown up in the gallery.


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              OK, so if I understand this correctly: post to look at my layouts if you are uploading around 3 layouts that day AND would love the feedback.

              Post to your own member gallery to get your work online, as many as you would like.

              The confusion so far for me has been in that I love to hear feedback and I get confused because it ends up in two different areas. Some feedback is on your member layout area, and some feedback is on the look at my layout area. I only noticed this because I could have sworn I left feedback for some people, and then because I was in maybe look at my layout area, I didn't see what I had written.

              Anyway, I think I will stick to just posting in my gallery for now, and if I am really hungry for opinions, just make a post! Thanks for the info, I love this site.