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Here We Go Again! Unbelievable

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    For better or worse.... I just hope the worse is over for a long time now... you guys sure had your fair share of worse is to some better now!!!

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      I'm sure John really wishes he could be there at the viewing. I hope he's able to come to terms with it and realizes you need him to be around for a long time. You need him to continue to get better every day and this would just have been too much for him at this time. I'm sorry, John, but it's good your father put his foot down and convinced you it wasn't necessary. We all want you to get better. And the rest of the family will understand.

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        I am so far behind, just read this. Hope & prayers to both of you..



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          Onie,so sorry to hear about all the losses your family had to endure the past months!Hope your husband will be strong through all of this.This is really alot of stress for one person to handle at once.But with you by his side,he'll hopefully get through this as well.My prayers are with you.
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            such tragedies
            praying for you and john and family

            take care


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              Please know that you and yours are always in our prayers. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your new families loved ones. Sending you and John a HUGE hug!

              Love ya,
              Please take care of yourselves;

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                Hoping John is doing ok through all this now...Sending hugs and let him know he is still in our prayers...
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