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Some Good News For Once!

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  • Some Good News For Once!

    Emmy is getting better her lungs are clearing little by little...we did have a bit of trouble with a constant bloody nose for 3 days but even that seems to be getting better but you are not going to believe what she did tonight!

    SHE SAT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had just got done feeding her and she was laying back in her car seat when all of the sudden and out of the blue she leaned forward and sat upright ALL BY HERSELF! I bawled like a baby! She grabbed hold of the handle and just sat there like she had been doing it all along!

    Not only that...but she gained half an ounce!!!!

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    Oh, that is wonderful! So glad to hear of her progress!

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      Oh Wiz,you must be so proud xxxxxx
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        Wonderful, wonderful! It is great to have some good news for a change!


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          what a clever cookie, you must be so proud (I know i am)

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            Ohh this is such great news.Our little Emily is so smart that she will out smart mummyGlad she is doing better. she is so cute and I luv her to pieces.Thanks for making me happy.
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              oh that is such wonderfull news.
              yeah little Emily sitting up all by herself
              she is so precious
              and so good to hear she is gaining again
              take care
              and big kiss and cuddle for one special little girl


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                aww bless her little cotton socks ...great to hear some positive news

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                  Thank you, Lord. So happy for you both, Wiz. I'm sure she's just as proud as you are! Thanks for keeping us involved with her progress. I haven't been here long but from reading all the posts about Emily, I've learned to love her and just like all the other "Mom's" here, am glad to see her "baby steps" through life.

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                    Wiz that is good news! It's so good to hear something positive, and we are as happy as can be!! What a beautiful site that must have been!! I would have cried too! So happy for you and Emmy!!

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                      (clapping) You go Em....nice job.


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                        You make us proud Emmy........xoxox.........Lois
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                          Way to go EM!!! What wonderful news Liz! I know you are a happy camper!


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                            Doing the Conga steps and drinking Mojitos!!! Way to go, Emily!!! See, I told you she takes after me... Smart little precious punking...

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                              wonderfull newss thanks to our little angel!
                              you are a very proud mamma Wiz
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