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laurie got hurt

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  • laurie got hurt

    I was not home as
    I was in Amherst paying some bills.When I came home Ethan came out to say Dad fell and is in Hospital.So I went up and he broke around his ankle in two places.We had to send him out.So me drivin in a city was scary as I got lost but made it.He went in 11 last night and his surgery lasted 1 hour.He had a plate and screws put in.They gave him spinal freezing so he could not feel from the waste down. Let me tell you I think Laurie could be very violent on Morpine as he sure was not my hubbie.Very paranoid and shifty eyes---real scary.He hates hospitals and never goes to them.He was a bundle of nerves and when they said he was only getting frozen the fear on his face was not good.But they gave him stuff to relax him.In fact he did not mind the surgery.He said he never felt the needle.Next comes the news he needs an air cast.$2oo or $300 as they were not sure the exact cost of air cast.They will not bill you as they want the cash out front.Now I have to come up with that but I am not worried as the good man above will fix that for me so I will rest it in his hands.Now the sad part is will he ever get back to work with those heavy steel toed boots.Guess we will have to deal with it one day at a time. We will survive all this and someday look back and be able to giggle.That is why we have memories.
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    OH!!! Now!!!

    OMG! Eye, this annoys me very!
    Mine prayers for its husband okay, is in peace, everything to finish well, is counted where it fell of this skill, to hurt itself in such a way thus ?
    Please eye keeps informed ok

    I love ya


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      Big Hugs Eye! I will pray that you find the help you need for the air cast. Glad that Laurie is doing all right. Love ya girl! XXOO

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        Oh No! Eye, I am so sorry to hear what happened. I think men in general probably do not make good patients, but I feel so bad for him and for you! Please give him my best!


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          So sorry to hear of this, Eye. Will be praying for your need at this time. Please let us know if there's anything we can do.

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            Usually men are babies when hurt or sick but not my Laurie.He will not let me do anything.He is very stubborn.Thanks everyone for your support.I am just ready to break.This Cuba trip has took it tole on me or I should say Ethan has----drivin me nuts.Thought I would have a rest but now I guess I can put that on pause.called work and told them I will let them know when I will be back.Good to have a job where yah can do that eh.But thanks for the support xo
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              Eye-so sorry to hear of Laurie's painful fall. I hope that he heals properly. My prayers go out to you and your family. Everything will find a way of working out. Take good care of him.

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                Prayers are with you and your family. You have put everything in the best one's hands and somehow we always seem to survive that way.

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                  Cuba trip? You picking on my roots?


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                    Oh Eye., sorry to hear about this!!! I hope that things work out well for you and know that they will with faith in the Lord! Prayers for you and your DH!
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                      Oh goodness Irene, This is terrible! Send a BIG HUG to Laurie. Your in my thoughts and prayers.
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                        Get well soon Laurie !
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                          healing prayers with laurie

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                            Ohhh Myyyy!!! Just when things start looking good, it never fails.. Got ya'll in my prayers!
                            And when were ya going to CUBA???

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                              You and your family are in our prayers...Give my best to hubyb and I hope he has a speedy recovery...
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