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Prayer for Wolvsie 35 (Michelle)

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    Make sue that is the real Steeves wiffy as remember she is dead in grannies mattress.Hope you have good news and a good trip xo.
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      Originally posted by eye View Post
      Make sue that is the real Steeves wiffy as remember she is dead in grannies mattress.Hope you have good news and a good trip xo.
      Too funny and I will remember
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        Wow...exciting times ahead! Smile ..what are you scheming LOL BTW I hope you are still coming to visit me....England is safe for landing!
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          Michelle have fun on your trip!!! Steve take good care of her while she is there!! And Granny if you make it to Vegas and hook up with her keep her outta the casinos!!!

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            Oh, my word.....


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              My Update

              I didn't know where to post this for everyone, and figured we had enough threads started to make this easier for me so I don't have to indiviually answer emails, I am posting the news here...
              For those of you that don't know, I have been dealing with another medical issue, and it is something I let go of for too long...Way back in June of 2007, I started coughing up blood anytime I had to breathe heavier then normal...Two weekends ago it happened again and thought I better get checked...
              Anyways, after Vegas I need to have a stress test done on the heart and a catheter test...They are assuming I have some more heart damage because it is not pumping hard enough when it should...which in turn is causing blood to get into my lungs from lack of oxygen...They are also suggesting a Pancreas Transplant...Not anytime soon, but I am talking to someone about it mid April...The Diabetes is causing way too many problems in my system, which is shortening my life. He believes I will benefit from this as well...Not fun I know, but I am high spirited about everything and believe it happens to me for a reason...More frustrating then anything, really...You get fed up with one thing after the next...Anyways, this is the update, wasn't as good as I hoped, but it could have been worse..<wink> Keep me in your prayers, and I will keep everyone informed as I know more...
              Still going to Vegas, doctor said it was ok...((HUGS))
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                Oh Michelle, my heart goes out to you with all you have had to cope with. You have my prayers at all times.

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                  Hello Michelle: Have a great trip and I hope you do get to visit with Granny and Steve.........Take care that you don't over do it unless it is to party,party and't wait to see the pictures.............xoxo............Lois
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                    So sorry you're feeling poorly again. Just doesn't seem fair. I'm on my way to talk to "the big guy" about you and give him a piece of my mind. Have fun in Vegas, and don't overdo!! Love ya!

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                      Love ya Girl! Have a safe trip and you're always in my thoughts and prayers!

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                        oh, Michelle.

                        In my heart I will hold a special place and prayers always for your improved health. I am so glad that you are keeping on top of things with your spirit. I know it does no good to get down so keep smilin' hun.

                        Have a blast for me as you get away from all this northern snow and gloom. You will come back to lots of mud I suppose hee hee.

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                          I am so sad you that your health is bad i pray for you and love you lots, hope you enjoy your trip and when time comes your health will improove.
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