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Prayer for Wolvsie 35 (Michelle)

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  • Prayer for Wolvsie 35 (Michelle)

    Hi guys
    For the special person Michelle is for all or most of us, I ask for all your prayers she is not doing well at the moment, and got some health issues at the moment. I know that she can do with some prayers and love her way. Please and thank you so much for all your prayers.
    Love Lindie
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    I'm on it, mommy. Thanks for letting us know!

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      I was afraid of this. I've been looking around for her and even checked her profile to see the last time she'd been on. I'll be adding her to my prayer list. I've been missing Knzus, too. Hope she's allright.

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        Get Well Soon Wolvsie !
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          Our love and prayers are most definitely with Michelle! We love her so much!!!

          Knzus hasn't been on much because her hubby has some health issues right now. I haven't heard from her for a while and need to find out for sure how she is doing. I am sure she can use some prayers too.
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            sending prayers michelle's way

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              Hi Gang,

              I did talk to Michelle night before last and she's doing "Ok", although yes, she has some health issues (which I won't mention here).

              She's been under the weather for a couple of weeks now, so that's why she hasn't been on the forum too much. Usually, we can't shut her up... She did manage to post some updates on her Crafty Scraps blog.

              I'm sure she appreciates all your thoughts and prayers.

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                Thank you Steve for the update!!!
                I too have been in regular contact with her. She has a lot going on, and it just doesn't help when she has to deal with all her health issues on top of it. She is really under the weather and having a hard time keeping up with everything. I am sure that she will be happy to know everyone is thinking about her. As you all know she is scheduled to go to Vegas soon and she is hoping that she can still go and not be sick the whole time she is there. She may be meeting up with another SBM'er while she is there-not saying who-but I am sure it will be fun!!!

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                  Well wishes going your way Michelle. I know you have been going through a lot. Please hurry and get well. A trip to Vegas would do you some good, Hope you can go.


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                    Vegas???? okay, when do we go?

                    Michelle, you need to get better! We miss ya much. Our prayers are going your way.
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                      Spill Doll.... Whos is Vegas??????
                      Michelle, sending ya all my prayers GF....take it easy so you can enjoy your trip!!!
                      * going to look and see who is in VEGAS*

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                        Awwwwww...You guys are all too sweet....I am doing ok...One day at a time is how I live yesterday morning, I lost the internet..So I would have been here posting...Like Steve said, (God bless his soul..<wink>) normally you can't shut me up...It will take me some time to catch up in here with all the new threads going on, but I will get to them all eventually...
                        Yes, I am going to Vegas on the 16th and not returning until Easter Sunday...I can't wait...Just going with family members...I will take loads of pictures, including one of me and the 'secret' SBM visitor I will be meeting...Heard it might be two if I can get a hold of the other one...Woo-Hoo!!! I am so excited...I don't care if I'm on my death bed, I will get again for the prayers...I'll be fine.. ((HUGS to all of you))
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                          Oh Michelle I do hope you will be okay.Iluv yah and I was on so many nights I never noticed who was on and who was not.Miss yah and I just know the man above will let you have a wicked time and I am jealous.You are one of the sweetest person I know and a reall true honest person.I just feel so bad.Oh and do not forget to tell me when yah get married.
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                            Hang in there Michelle!


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                              hey michelle, you have been a special friend to me on this sight and just want you to know that you are always in my thoughts.

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