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Patrick Swayze !! Ghost, i love you !!

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  • Patrick Swayze !! Ghost, i love you !!

    Girls, we go to pray so that God blesses
    Patrick Swayze, in its treatment against the cancer
    Being thus God it rewards to all ok

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    Patrick Swayze... great actor... one of my favorite movies of his is "Red Dawn"... he's classic was also "Dirty Dancing". My grandmother passed away from the same cancer...
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      Really Steve great actor, I love this man!
      I am extremely sad with its illness,
      Thanks for its manifestation ok
      My feelings for the ticket of its grandmother,
      This illness leaves the people to suffer, and very terrible!



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        Here is a link to a report on him. Some stories about it were exagerated. Still so sad. I love his movies too! (especially Dirty Dancing)


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          Rosana, that page is beautiful! It breaks my heart to hear that another wonderful actor is fighting for their life!!! Patrick is one of my favorites too! I had a picture taken with his Wax figure at the Wax Musium in Branson last summer!

          Sometimes I hate being a nurse, especially when I am aware of the prognosis of some diseases! This is not a good one, in fact, this is the one disease I've always said that I would hate to dye of. It's fast and it's very painful! Less that 5 % will survive 5 years! I am just so sad!!!!
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            He is a hunk and one of my favourite actors him. Your pages is beautiful and sad that so many and Patrick suffer from cancer.
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              A hard one to beat for sure. That wretched C word.
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                What a great tribute to him...he is sure a hottie...and this is so sad..Love all his movies...
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                  FIGHT Patrick!!!!!! What a shame! Lets hope he beats the odds and makes his way through this!
                  Love your layout Ro! He is such a HOTTIE!!!!!

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                    I also was very shocked when I got to know about his cancer.
                    Which women doesn't like Dirty Dancing...and of course patrick swayze...
                    It's very sad
                    kisses from lolita sigpic