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  • Just so you know....

    I'm sorry, but I won't be around as much for a while. My brother is in the hospital in critical condition. He went to the clinick Wednesday with chest pains and the took him by ambulance to the hospital. They tried to do an angiogram today, but his arteries or veins or whatever they put the caterer through are so calcified and clogs, he started bleeding internaly, so they did an emergency surgery.

    They found the hole he was bleeding through, but now they don't know how they will be able to check his heart. He has diabities, high colesterol and his arteries are so clog they cannot get a pulse on his legs except with a special instrument. He is in ICU, and they are monitoring his heart and lungs closely. He is in very bad shape.

    Sorry to ramble. I guess I need to vent. I will try to check here as often as I can, but I have to check on him and take care of my mom. I'm also busy cleaning and fixing his place for when he comes home. Hopefully he will. I know you all care and would want to know.

    Please, if you guys can keep Scrapsville going, I'm going to e-mail Onie the picture for the opening of the new saga.

    Thank you all in advance for your kind concern and please take care. Tell Wolvsie I'm so sorry, but can't go to Vegas at all!!!

    Love you all and miss you already!



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    Granny, I am praying for your brother. Take care of yourself too! Sorry to hear that things are going badly. I pray that all goes well. Talk to you soon, I hope. ((BIG HUGS))

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      oh, granny. yes, do check in and let us know how things go. Big prayers for you and your family!

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        Ohhh Granny, how terribly sad! I am hoping and praying that he will get better soon... just remember to take care of yourself too!!!!

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          granny my love & prayers are with you, your brother & your family xxxx

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            Prayers going up Granny!


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              Granny I am soooo sorry that this has happened to your family. You and your family will be in my daily prayers and thoughts. Please do not worry about Scrapsville-Onie will get it started and we will all keep it going. I will let Wolvsie know that you cannot make Vegas this time. Please do take care of yourself, I know that we often times forget to take care of ourselves during a crisis. Take care my friend.

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                We love you granny and pray for your brother a quick recovery and you strength to help him and your family now.
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                  oh Granny sorry to hear this news, my thoughts are with you and your family

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                    Granny my prayers for your brother that he will soon recover and also for yourself, please take care !!

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                      Thinking of you Granny, take care x
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                        My thought and prayers are with your brother and you and your family, hope he recovers.
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                          SO sorry to hear this dear! our prayers for your brother and family but also you need to care of yourself because your mom needs you !!!!!!
                          all my love for you Granny
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                            Granny, may our prayers help in every way possible...Don't you worry about Vegas sweetie, family is far more important...I have been in this situation and its not fun...Let him know that with technology these days, they will help... <wink> I wish you the best, but don't foget to take care of yourself too...I love ya and will be praying for you... Hope things are better by the time I get back...((HUGS))
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                              Hello Estee: I am sorry to hear about your brother and I will pray for his safe recovery. Take care of yourself also and we will be here if you need us...........xoxoxo..........Lois
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