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  • sos Atlanta city

    I am worried about the peoples of Atlanta, and need to know if it has somebody that it inhabits or it has relative in this city here ok,
    It knew of the strong storm, that destroyed part of the building of the CNN, mine prayers are for these people who had suffered this great scare,

    I wait information,

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    Hello Rosana: It seems that it was a tornado that hit the city. Although there were some damage to buildings no one seems to have lost there lives (thank god) Although I do not know anyone there I did look it up on the USA news. Thanks for being concerned and letting us know. Maby we will hear from other's on this..............Lois
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      can you believe nobody no channel give this notice!!!!! omg i will check right now what happened
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        Rosana had sent me awhile back a site that shows the earthquakes happingallover the earth.So many of them.---The center of the earth is going throuh so many changes something is brewing(my idea not the news)(Did not want anyone to panic about these perdictions).

        Glad no one was hurt.
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          *hiding under me desk* let me know when the tornadoes and earthquakes are over... I've seen many Hurricanes, and got through all of those, so those dont worry me toooo much.
          I havent heard of anything myself... glad to know that NO one was killed!!!

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