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"Open Scrapbook" vs "New Scrapbook"

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  • "Open Scrapbook" vs "New Scrapbook"

    Well, here I am again with another question after two days of owning this software.
    I have made several (5) I think, different scrapbooks. When I open the software and it asks me to choose--new scrapbook or open scrapbook. I choose "open" scrapbook and some of the scrapbooks show a page of what I have created and some of the others just only a blank page. When I actually choose a scrapbook by the name that I gave it, it opens with one of my layouts. Why do some of my scrapbooks show the first page and some do not?

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    I'm going to bring this up again. I still have not been able to figure out why this is happening to me. Does anybody have any ideas on the subject?


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      Click on one of the scrapbooks with the blank page and see if there are other pages in the album. If there ARE other pages, go to the blank page, then click on Page at the top, a dropdown window appears. Click on remove and that first blank page will be deleted. Or you can just scrap a page over the blank one. Somehow you must have added a page with out creating the first page in that album. If there are no other pages in the album, just start using it from that first blank page and create a new album. Then, the next time you "open" that album it will have a front page that will show up.

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        Here's what I can think of - is it possible that when you are creating a new project, you are choosing a Blank Scrapbook, and then choosing Page Import or Page Add to insert a themed page? If you do this and are not removing the first blank page that appears by default, this could explain what you are seeing when you choose Open a Saved Scrapbook.

        To solve the problem (if this is what is happening), open up the scrapbook that displays a blank page in Open a Saved Scrapbook and take a look at the first page in your scrapbook - if it is a blank page that you don't need, simply choose that page, and then choose Remove.

        Make sense? Let me know!



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          In case that it does not want to make use of kits composites in the edition that if opens.
          It places the name of its kit, in the written space my scrapbookmax.apos to insert the name of its kit click to enter, page to follow will be blank, soon you to produce its page, ok, I wait to have little collaborated one,

          Either happy with its SCRAPBOOKMAX, and a wonderful, optimum software
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            Thank you for your suggestions. I have two scrapbooks that do this. Each scrapbook has only one page in it. When I click on the blank page my layout with pictures etc opens up and they corrrespond with what I have named the scrapbooks, i.e. Snowy winter 2008 and Summer Cyclists 2007. But as each one opens there is only one page tab at the top. If I delete that page I'm afraid that I will lose the page I have constructed. Hope I'm making sense here. Sorry to be such a pain!


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              This subject has come up before. There are many of us that this happens to and we (at least I) do not have a blank page that has not been removed. I found a lot of times after I publish the scrapbook, then it no longer shows as a blank. But this is not always the case. I just checked a couple that are blank and I remember publishing them. We never did figure out why it was happening. I believe Marion was another one that it was happening to. The scrapbooks are there, they just don't show the page when you click on the "open scrapbook" button.

              Sometimes I start with a blank page, then add a new template page. But I always remove the blank. Other times I start with a blank and create from scratch. I haven't paid attention to see if this is happening only when I add a new template page or not. Will have to check on that.
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                Thank you for your input. I'm glad that it isn't just something that I messed up on!

                I have not used any templates, just started from scratch on all that I have done up to this point. It's driving me crazy not to be able to figure it out.

                Thank you again.


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                  HI ,

                  I actually been having the same 'problems' too. This happen when I delete or even create new project. The next time SBM did not show up too. I didn't really 'concern' as I kind of remember by the theme name I name it. But it do look little 'funny' . LOL

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