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    I am new to all of this and have a couple of questions actually that I hope someone can help me with!

    Can I make 4X6 pages? Or another size besides 12X12? If so, how do I do that?

    Also, when I download a kit all of the elements go to the embellishments section. Is there a way to put the background papers into the paperscraps section so that I can make shapes out of them? I have figured out how to crop them from the embellishments but I can't make any shapes out of them. I think I am missing something, because when I am looking at other peoples beautiful pages I see that they are making shapes from background pages.

    One more thing, is there a way to "cut" embellishments? or photos? Kind of like free-form cutting?

    Sorry for all of the questions! I just know the kinds of things I want to be able to do for the pages I want to make before I order the complete program. Thanks again!

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    This has been discussed in previous threads too. Check this link, it may answer some of your questions.

    If you have more questions, sometimes if you type in the subject you want to know about at the top of the page (on the right) and click on search. You will then be directed to a page that shows pages where this particular topic was discussed. I do this a lot and usually find the answers I need. Otherwise, we're always around to help out when we can! This place is great about that! Hope this link helps you.

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      Lallyann, at the top under PAGE go down to SETTINGS then click the tab for SIZE. You can make your pages anything you want to, although it does default to 8 x 8 automatically unless you change it.

      About "free cutting" I think you're only option is to use the shapes but you can use ANYTHING as a shape! Check out the CHALLENGES section for this month's DESIGNER CHALLENGE by autisticwonder. It's all about making your own shapes.

      You can move papers or "copy" papers to the paper scrap folder if you want. The easiest way is to put everything you download under My Documents in a scrapbooking folder. (I do mine with subfolders by colors then have folders under each color for each designer so I can give credit where due). Then you can drag and drop from your files over to SBM. With the drag and drop, it asks you if you want to bring it in as a photo, embellishment, paper scrap, etc. If you pick paper scrap, the shape option will be available.
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