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  • weekly challenge question

    HI all,
    I was wondering if we must participate to get the weekly challenge freebie or can we still download it later when the challenge is over? Can I get a freebie from 2 weeks ago ? I am asking because for now I cannot participate as I had technical problem and could not download the trial version and now waiting for my cd for the software.Thanks for any info.

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    any download attached to a post stays up forever so you will be able to download any attached file even when a challenge is finished

    normally at the end of a challenge (after i've beaten a few designers, twisted arms until they cave in) i give away a gift kit this link is given in PM and is only avaliable to those who join in the's a great way to get lots of great freebies

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      I cant always do the contest but love a lot of the free things. I do like to say thank you for them. you can down load them now or when you get your disk. some will go to your sbm some wont. Happy scraping to you you will love max. I had to Waite for my max because I have slow Internet. still have to get some one to download things for me if I don't wont to Waite a long time for them to download.

      buddies are- angelwithin


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        Thank you angelwithin for all the infos, so after you have beaten a few designers LOL ! Not sure everyone will be happy to hear that ! But if you are the best LOL because you are aren't you LOL? I won't contradict you!!

        Mint thank you for your answer. I do have a slow Internet as well that's why I have some technical prob! Everything take ages to download, I was doing just that yesterday, I didn't count the hours but the whole day was gone!Well on the positive side we have plenty of time to do other things while downloading!