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    Ok, so earlier today I was working on a scrapbook and when I dragged another png file onto my page and tried to adjust it an error message came up and said "Out of Memory." I couldn't do anything in the program anymore without the message coming up...including saving it. So I shut down the program, rebooted and when I went to open the program back up my entire menu bar was gone. I don't know how to get it back. If I right click on the top bar it doesn't give me a choice for a menu. I know one of my options is to reinstall the program but I am unsure of how to do that either. Please help...making an wedding album for bff and need to get scrapping! Thank you so much!

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    I had to reinstall a couple of days ago because when I opened SBM several of my menu commands would be missing. I had to add them back everytime I opened the program. Anyway, it was pretty simple. Just uninstall ScrapbookMax and then use your disk to reinstall. You don't lose anything because it is stored in your documents folder and not the SBM folder.
    Hope this helps.
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