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Adding "insert photo here" on my template

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  • Adding "insert photo here" on my template

    Hi there. I've created a template and there are no photos on it - but I would like to add the "insert photo" like on the templates that come with this program...I've read some of the posts about doing the export and check remove photos, but I don't have photos yet, I just want to put the "insert photo" in different shapes where I need them.

    Thanks so much for any help!

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    "...I don't have photos yet..."
    Just use some from your /Max/Gallery/Images/photos folder....
    ...or you may even find some blanks under the embellishments folder.
    (but bring them in as photos, not embies).


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      I can easily get photos, but what I want are the blanks, and you mention they are under the embellishments...I'll check there again. I just want to have templates ready to go so all I have to do is decide what pics I want to add. I really like the "double click and add photo here" and depending what shape, the photo comes in in that shape...that's what I'm looking for. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm not explaining it the right way...? anyway, thanks.


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        This is real easy...All you do is click on the picture icon, add a piece of paper, change the shape if you'd like..Once you get it where you want the photo, right click on it and click clear image, this will give you the box you are asking about..Hope this helps..
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          Thank you so much. I will definitely give that a try!


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            Thanks Michelle,

            I learnt a new 'trick' too.

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              It worked!!!! Thank you so much. That was exactly what I was looking for. I love that when you do that...whatever shape your template is, when you add the photo, it automatically makes it fit perfectly. I love SBM!!!!!