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  • TIP--did you know this

    From the forum list view where you pick which thread you want to read you can click on the paperclip on the right edge of that column and see all attachments w/o needing to look thru all of the posts.

    Example, go to "Online Community" then choose "Challenges and Contests" and then notice in the thread list "The Groove's April 2008 Freebie Challenge"--to the right of the name there is a "Rating Column", next to the rating column is a paperclip, if you click on the paperclip it will show you there are 19 attachments and you can look at each one w/o having to look at all the posts.

    I do think there is great benefit in reading threads and learning from others, encouraging others, getting acquainted with others, etc but in some instances this is a good choice. At the end of this great challenge I wanted to review all the pages made w/o taking to time to find all of them in our many pages of text.
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    NO.......... I didn't know that & TY for this VERY useful tip.


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      Nice to know - thank you.


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        Thank you muchly, brilliant discovery
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          Learn something new everyday!!! Thanks KP! I'm gonna have to investigate this one.....

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            Amazing what you can find.Wow Thank you
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              Thanks so much, didn't know about this !

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