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best way to send in finished pages, saving in jpeg for space

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  • best way to send in finished pages, saving in jpeg for space

    Hi, I was just wondering what is the best way to go as far as sending my finished pages into a company. Im not sure if I even have the correct info, but from my understanding I can email them my finished pages, or send a cd. what is the best way to go, and what king of cd should I buy. Should I buy a music cd, or a movie dvd to burn my pages on. I still have to do my test page and I know I will be emailing that to them, which I dont think I know how to do, but im hoping I will figure it out as I go along. As for backing up my images what do you all mean when you say save them in jpeg. If im working on an album and I want around 50 pages will I be able to do all 50 and then burn them on a cd, send it into the company and then delete them all toghther from my computer. Help thank you.

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    JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and it is a standard image compression mechanism. JPEG compression is "lossy," meaning that the compression scheme sacrifices some image quality in exchange for a reduction in the file's size.

    Personally speaking, I prefer to save important "stuff" in TIFF (Tagged Image File Format). It is an uncompressed image file format which means that it is not "lossy" and the quality remains excellent, but it does create very large files.

    As for your question about how to submit your pages for printing, I guess that burning them to CD and mailing them in would probably work very well. Since the pages generate pretty large files (regardless of how you have them saved), emailing them could be troublesome if you have more than a very few to be printed.

    May I also suggest that, if you are going to delete your page images from your PC, you burn them to CD twice.... that way you'll have a backup in the event something happens to your original CD.
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