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    Having trouble up dating my scrap max program, i Know how to do it but when i do it it comes up with, Failed to find up date file, thinking it may have been deleted, if this is the case, can i just put the cd in again & will it just reinstall it again or do i have to unistall everything & start again?
    Thanks anyone.

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    It's usually best to uninstall first, and then reinstall. In fact, I think if you just run the installer again off the CD it will detect that a version is still installed and then uninstall it automatically?

    None of the scrapbooks you've made are uninstalled when you uninstall the program, so it's safe to uninstall and reinstall. You normally shouldn't have to do that, though, unless something (or someone) has corrupted or deleted any of the program files.

    I had a computer system in the past where file corruption was an ongoing problem (because of buggy motherboard chipset drivers) so you might want to be extra cautious with your files for a while...make backups more often, maybe even use a checksumming or file comparing tool to make sure the files are okay. (At least for any really important files that you can't afford to lose.)

    Actually -- what version of scrapbook max do you have installed? If you choose Help > About from the program menu the version number should appear on the screen. I think the current version is
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