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Creating Embellishments. Help!!

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  • Creating Embellishments. Help!!

    I have watched Corey's tutorial on this. Found it really interesting but I have not got Photoshop.I have Windows paint. Microsoft digital image 9 , photo Explosion and Arcsoft Photo Studio 2000 . Can I create my own embellishments in these? If not is there a free photo editor out there that will do the trick. Don't really want to buy another one.Have just downloaded the trial of Scrapbook max and love it.
    Any help appreiciated. Ghoward.

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    I haven't used any of those but all you really need to be able to create your own embellishments is to be able to save PNG files with transparency, also known as PNG32, or PNG with alpha, or PNG24 plus a "transparency" option enabled, etc.

    If you need free software to do it, you could try the GIMP, which is a really advanced open-source photo editor. But I'd be surprised if none of the programs you already have could do the job. Have you tried googling for tutorials that use any of those programs?
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      A new user still learning

      I have try save some of my embellistments from Photo Shop, but sometimes it just do not work, thanks for the tip, which help me as well for an another member.
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