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how do I change the dpi to 300

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  • how do I change the dpi to 300

    Hi I am sending my finished page by email to get page samples, and they requested that I send it 300 dpi. Can someone tell how I change it. I think I might know but I want to be sure. I went to page settings and changed the resolution from 200 to 300 im not sure if thats what they mean by dpi, aslo I noticed when I changed the resolution the page size went from 12x12 to saying custom. Is that normal. thank you

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    Yep, the resolution setting is how you set the DPI. And changing it from the standard 200 DPI setting to 300 will show up as custom. No problemo!
    Lorne ( )
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      You should have no problem sending them out at 200 dpi. I did and they turned out just fine.
      I personally think the 300 dpi is overkill. But that is just my opinion.



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        It's true. 200 DPI is plenty for printing. Working at 300 DPI is slower and takes tons more disc space for no real benefit.
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