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  • Calling Max... Calling ScrapbookMax!

    Hi.. i wonder if you can tell me something? I have a friend who wants scrapbook max.. she is a little 10 yr old girl who has a computer but not on the internet. She saw my templates done on SM and told and showed her school teacher.. the teacher bought it for the school and the kids use it at school... great!!!..BUT.. little Kayla wants it on her own computer at home.. my question is: Can she buy it on a CD and use it or soes she have to be connected to the internet to use the program???
    She is so keen.. and so good at this we are very keen to know...
    If I order her one and pay here will the Cd work on her puter with no internet connection?

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    Scrapbook MAX! does not require any Internet connection at all to use. Once she gets the CD she can install the software and use it.
    Brett Kapilik
    Indigo Rose Corporation


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      Hi Moonbeam - I love this story! It's so great to hear that kids are using Scrapbook MAX - it really is simple and fun, isn't it? Not that kids need "simple" - if anything, most of the kids I know are MUCH more technologically advanced than I am !

      I'm glad that Kayla is enjoying SBM - I'm sure she'll have fun creating layouts at home!



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        Moonbeam, you can still install the downloaded templates via a USB flashdrive or cd etc. that way she has access to the additional templates.



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          Thank you so much everyone for replies!!!