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    I have a silly question and hope someone has an answer for me. Every time I add a page to a scrapbook it saves in another folder which holds each page. By the time I add a 4th page or more it keeps saving the other pages. Does this question make sense? What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't one folder hold the pages?!!!


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    MaggieMae, if I undertand the question correctly, it seems that you are actually adding a new template instead of a page. You should add the page right from the work area. Don't go to File, New, because if you do, you are actually adding a new template. Next to the icons for adding pictures, embellishments, etc, there are icons for adding pages, deleting them etc. Click on the one that looks like a blank page with a plus sign on it, and you will get the new page withing the template you're working on.

    Hope this helps. I'm sure someone else will help you if I'm wrong.

    Happy scrapping.


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      Thanks, Granny!

      I have been adding the page in the work area but maybe when I publish it I'm creating different files with each page. I had quite a mess of files to sort through! The more I think about it the more I think I'm publishing each page rather than the scrapbook - does that make sense anyone?!!


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        Hi MaggieMae!

        Are you clicking on "Publish" instead of save, maybe...?



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          I think I've been both publishing and saving the projects. The thing that was confusing to me is that there would be page 1 in a file - then a file with both page 1 and page 2 - then a file with pages 1, 2, 3 - etc. So page 1 was being repeatedly saved. Egads! What have I been doing?!!!

          I did create the new pages within the work space - so I must be doing some crazy saving!