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  • Another question

    I have another but separate question. Today is my computer housecleaning day I guess! I tried to create "themes" or templates from pages I had done. It worked except that everything turned gray - the background paper, elements, etc. The only thing I cleared out on purpose were any pictures on the pages. Is there a way to keep everything intact except the pictures?!

    Thanks to anyone who answers!

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    When I create templates, I use the create template option in SBM. I believe the elements are 'linked' to the template from where ever they are. I also moved some files and found I had missing elements on my templates.


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      Every time you add a new image (background, embellishment, photo, etc), a copy of it is placed into image folder for the project you're working on.

      "My Documents\Scrapbook MAX!\Projects\My Scrapbook\Resources\AutoPlay\Images\"

      BTW, you can easily back up your projects by dragging the "Projects" folder into your CD burner program, backup drive, etc.

      To answer the first question, it sounds like you imported all of your images as "Photos" and not a "Background", "Embellishment",etc. When you export the template and choose "Remove Photos", the program does just that... Try reconstructing your page using images as "Embellishments" instead of "Photo".
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        Thank you for the info!

        I'm going to try what you said, Steve. I have been going to the add picture icon to bring in my elements and background. I'm going to master this!!! I hope!

        Thanks also for the info about saving onto the CDs. I've just been going along my merry way without thinking about the messy files I'm creating!


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          Eureka! Thanks, Steve.

          Steve, you were right! I didn't notice the "browse" options at the bottom of the embellishments and thought I was restricted to just the program ones. I just created a template and it worked!

          Thanks loads!