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  • Help with selecting a theme

    Hi, I'm just getting this thing set up and am dying to play around with creating a new scrapbook. They only have four themes plus a blank one...then I went to "get more themes" and I am so confused. It takes me to a list of themes randomly placed...beach, wedding, etc. How can I go to Baby themes for instance and select from several different options. Forgive me for being clueless, but I am so excited to jump in and don't see how!
    Thanks for any advice.
    Also, I was reading that new members suggestion to try and their site seems to be under construction now. No information available. Are there other sources that print? Does Walgreens or Office Depot print in the 12x12 format? Is it glossy photo paper? What's the best scrapbooks to purchase for computer scrapbooking? many questions! Thanks again for any and all help! LeslieG

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    Hi Leslie, welcome to the forum.

    The developers are working on an easier way to access the templates. For now, if you go to the top of this page and click on Search, the in the small window that pops up, type wedding, or baby, beach, whatever it is you're looking for. It will bring up the posts that most likely have that kind of template in it.

    As far as printing, sorry, can't help you there, but I'm sure someone else here will do so shortly.


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      For printing try

      I plan on printing all my books through Picaboo.



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        Hi Granny, thanks for taking time to answer. Ok, I did what you said, but it seems what items come up under a particular search are postings from members. In the start-up video there seemed to be a long list of themes to scroll down. In my downloaded version, I only have four plus a blank one. I'm wondering if I still am accessing the trial version, even though I thought I uninstalled the trial one. Thanks again, Leslie


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          Hello Leslie,

          Are you inquiring about the templates within the program, or the templates here on the forums?

          Within the program
          - make sure you've installed the content pack from the CD

          On the forums
          - Click here to view all of the templates available.

          If you need more specific information (or if i've completely missed the mark!!), please let me know!



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            Themes from your software

            Thanks for your response Desmond. I ordered your product yesterday and they emailed me a downloadable software to use until mine comes in the mail. Clearly this is not all you offer, so I may try to download again. Otherwise, I guess I will wait to receive in mail. Surely your product offers more than what I seems like the trail version over-rode my download of the full program. I uninstalled the trail, but it is still the problem I think. I'll try to download the full purchased program again and see what happens.
            Thanks, Leslie


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              Hi Desmond,
              I just went back to the email telling me to download the software. I noticed I did not originally download the content pack as you mention, so I did. When I open the program, I am still in this "short" version of your product! Help! I am so frustrated! Just went and bought Scrapbook Designer Platinum at Office Depot and it has so many templates or "themes"- I don't know why I can't access your software.
              Any suggestions at this point would be great.
              Thanks again, Leslie


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                After you downloaded the content pack, did it install?

                If so:
                1. In Scrapbook MAX!, If you click Help > About, does it reference the trial in any way?
                2. How many templates do you have right now (After installing the downloadable content pack)? Most of the content comes on the CD.



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                  other printing options


                  I love doing 12x12's, and I don't have a color printer at all (yeah, I'm still in the dark ages). I've gotten samples from Scrapbooks 2 Share ( The samples were very good, and cost about $1.75 ea, plus $5 shipping per order (I think.) However, I'm very picky about my photos, and the photos on the page just aren't as good as ones I have developed at my local photo store.

                  I orderd several pages from an online photo developer ( Because the whole page is actually a photo, the whole scrapbook page is on photo paper (archival paper and ink). The photos printed on these pages are every bit as good as photos from my local photo store, especially the one on glossy paper. The cost is $2.50 ea, plus $2 shipping per order. The catch is this: I had to print on 11x14paper. So I designed my page at 11Hx12W, then had SBM change the size of my page to 11Hx14W, telling it not to change my layout to fit. It then simply extended the background to 2 inches wider. I sent it online to Fotki to print as an 11Hx14W. When I received it back, I just cut off the extra 2 inches from the side. I put it into my plastic protector, and I have an 11x12 page. Not quite 12x12, I know, but I can live without that extra inch of height.

                  I also ordered pages from (They are also excellent, but I think Fotki's colors are closer to what I saw on my computer screen.) I did the same thing with them as I did with Fotki as far as sizing. Their cost is $3.47 ea, with $2 shipping per order. I see they also have 12x12 (they call them panorama prints) for $4.50 ea. I'm not sure it's worth an extra $2 per page to me to get that extra 1" height.

                  Just a note regarding all 3 printer places: You have to lighten up the pictures you're putting into your layout. They print darker than what you see on your screen.

                  I'm really excited about this! I can have all the flexiblity of digital scrapbooking, yet still get as high of quality photos on my pages as I've been using on my paper pages.


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                    Great, thanks PatH. I went to Office Depot to get the 80 lb semi-gloss paper that is probably similar to what sc2share has, so I could print at home. The 8.5x11 format really isn't bad and if set on best/presentation, my new color printer does a great job. Still trying to work out the kinks with my scrapbookmax software download, but used a software I purchased today and it is set for the 8.5x11 format. I think I want the 12x12 though for my special scrapbooks. Thanks again...I'll use your advise on the darkening issue!


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                      Hi Desmond, It does not reference anything about trial software. When I go to create a scrapbook page, up pops five blank, cheerful, elegance, girlfriends, and hearts. Is this normal until I get the cd? The embellishments, etc. seems so limited also.


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                        The ESD content pack contains 11 templates:
                        Baby Boy.smt
                        Baby Girl.smt
                        Country Christmas.smt
                        Crimson and Clover.smt
                        Dreamin' Blue.smt
                        Lady Retro.smt
                        Olden Days.smt
                        Retro Green.smt
                        Ribbon and Stripes.smt

                        It also contains over 500 image files for use as embellishments.

                        If you don't see those in the 'create new project' dialog, then the Electronic Download content pack has not been installed correctly (or at all).

                        Please download the content pack (sbmax-mini-content-pack.exe) to your desktop, and run it (install it).



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                          It Worked!

                          Hi Desmond, Thank you so much! I guess I accidentally downloaded the content packet to the c drive and never opened to install....dingdong! I'm finally up and running...thanks for sticking with me! Looking forward to getting it all on cd!


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                            Sometimes we just have to wrestle these problems to the ground! You did great to keep on trying. This forum is wonderful for problems. Everyone tries to help. I had two problems going today and got help right away!

                            The program is awesome. And so are our resident Geeks! You're going to love it!