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  • I am a Slideshow maker

    I really bought SBM to do digital slideshows that have the feel of a scrapbook. So- I tend to only put one photo per page- once in a while 2. I have yet to choose music. I am in the middle of a Summer 2006 SS. I am trying to drop photos and add pages as our summer progesses.

    Anyone have suggestions on good music sites to download from?
    And also-- is 8 seconds too long per photo?
    SAHM to Blake ( DD 6) , Ethan ( DS 4) and
    Lily ( Dpuppy 5 months )

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    I think the timing on the slideshow depends on how complicated the pictures are and what you doing during the slideshow.

    If you have a photo of somone and you put it to a standard background, and then set it to music, you may find that 8 seconds is way too long.

    If your pictures are complicated or you are doing a slideshow presentation and talking during the slideshow, pointing out different things about the picture, then 8 seconds may be too little.

    I do alot of slideshows where people are just sitting watching the show (not a powerpoint type) and find 4 - 5 seconds is plenty of time.

    You could always save two differnt versions and try different timing settings and see what you like best.