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  • Screenshots, please!

    Friends, please, would it be possible for you all to post screenshots of whatever it is you're sharing. I makes it easier to decide whether to download, where to download it to, etc.

    It's very kind of you all to share to begin with, and you certainly don't need to go trough the added work, but it will be greatly appreciated.

    Just a thought. Granny is senile and decrapitated and getting worse by the day, so this will really make my life easier and more enjoyable. If you do, I will put you all in my will..... "Will you please do it!"


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    Good idea!

    That's a good idea, Granny! Sometimes I decide not to download because I don't know what will be coming. Of course, sometimes I download and can't find what I downloaded! I'm a techno dummy!


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      I agree!

      Yes, please post a screenshot. Everything that people post is lovely, but not necessarily my style. I try to keep my files manageable by only downloading what I think I'll use. If there's no screenshot, I usually don't download it.

      Thanks for all the sharing, everyone!